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gasnoprod photo
Between 1998 and 2002 I moved my small necessary electronics and instrumental for the South of the Loire. Loneliness, opening of new fields... Fusion of ideas, ryhtmes and sounds... A fireworks, an effervescence whose volcanos finally must be the cause... Who knows?

Between loops and discovered sound world, these pieces are as many stories...

From these 4 years a summary... Que of technical catches of heads, data processing and... of frustrations... With the search for my music?

Between the Seine & volcanos is a sound notebook, recalling the 4 years hinges in my life of catch. Choices, change of life radical, new rurbain between the volcanos (condition more than acceptable after 33ans of "Ile def France") and happy to be always sharp... alive?!!

Isn't a history between the lines, a sound history with different environments bus it easy tous.les.jours, music electronic with a fusion spirit which flirt with the jazz? or rather rock'n'roll?... groove-rock'n'roll magnet? Have you 1pb?? Without isn't Nétiquette it easy with the tags!!? Bricolo and full with desires (with tares as in the true life! ) I invite you to download this first album legally!
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