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M'Beewan, a multi-instrumentalist and composer-songwriter for more than 10 years, is the lead singer of  iRieTEAM a French Nu-Roots Reggae band created in 2003, and which first album was recorded in 2005. iRieTEAM stopped with a last concert in May 2010 the 22nd.

Mbeewan is willing to unite people around a message which breaks the borders of reggae and of generations, thanks to its multiple influences.
Reggae, rock, dub, rap and soul are the main influences which guide Mbeewan’s music.
The rhythms go from roots to ragga-dancehall, but always keep a dominant  "nu" reggae touch, which make it a very distinctive and hardly definable reggae.

Mbeewan’s songs are definitely militants and deal with topics such as travels, music, ecology, religion, wars, racism and crisis linked to identity, social problems, unity, as well as conflicts destroying Africa and the Middle-East.

Mbeewan shared stages with a lot of famous French and International bands such as:
Dub Incorporation, Aswad, Raggasonic, Israel Vibration, Alpha Blondy, Gladiators, Rod Taylor, Dobacaracol, K2R Riddim, Raspigaous, Sergent Garcia, Abdou Day, Kaly Live Dub, Ministère des Affaires Populaires, Kana, Les Wampas, Le Peuple de l'Herbe, Marcel et Son Orchestre, The Toy Dolls, Riké, Killa Karltoon...
and Backed by iRieTEAM, CHi'n'i Band (CN), Rockaaz Massive, Booma Sound, Time Acome Crew, Meiwenti Sound (CN), Mash Up & Uppersound .

Back from a long trip to Asia, M'beewan recorded "Round Wan" in China, which is his first 6 track-EP, in Spring 2010 and he's on the road again, ready to spread his vibes all over Europe.

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-2002 with CLAN-F (4 Titres)
-2003 Compile Paroles de Jeunes ("CROSS. II") with CLAN-F
-2003 Live Niort with Attentat Skwatt
-2005 "Besoin d'Aide !" with iRieTEAM (Available on Jamendo)

-2006 "Live !" with iRieTEAM
-2007 DVD Live with iRieTEAM
-2008 Enfants de la Patrie with iRieTEAM
-2010 Round Wan (Recorded in Beijing, CN)

SOON COME IN 2011 "Wan More Time" (Recorded in Lyon, FR)

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