• 70s
  • Origine: Pologne - Krakow
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  • Existe depuis: 1 janv. 2006
  • Profil géré par: Zerodead

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Cinemon photo

Michał Wójcik - guitar, nice voc
Jakub Pałka - drums and sticks
Kuba Tracz - a vintage bass

The band Cinemon was formed in 2004 in Krakow, Poland. Initially it functioned as a classic power trio (guitar-bass-drums) and it had a clearly defined ambition - the music was supposed to be "different and unique".

First sketches of songs had the mood of the 70's and that's the direction in which the band is consequently going. But Cinemon music is much more than that: sometimes it's atonal, sometimes noisy, sometimes melodic and reflective. Sometimes it's 4/4, sometimes 11/16. The sound - they say it's grunge, ambitions - progressive punk-jazz, live shows - rock 'n roll. This is what makes the Cinemon blend unique.

In may 2007, together with an now-ex-bassist, Cinemon recorded a debut album which was self-released under the label of Firma Muzyczna in february 2009. The album contains 10 pieces. Some of them existed long before than the band formation.

In Cinemon's music everybody can find something special: a little bit of melancholy, psychodelia, virtuosity, madness, energetic chaos...

After many attempts of expanding the lineup, today the band is formed by three people. Trio has proved to be the best carrier for all the crazy musical ideas. Currently, the band is concentrating on live shows and preparing for the recording of the next album.

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