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Spit Rusty is a new Danish act. The band plays unbridled contemporary hard rock – without compromises. Inspired by classic rock, grunge and heavy metal Spit Rusty has in short time been able to generate an eclectic and pretty original formula.

In the spring of 2011 five guys teamed up to form a new hard rock act. Drawing on experience from various projects the band, now known as Spit Rusty, initially had a pretty clear understanding of where they wanted to go musically. After a few rehearsals some solid material emerged.

A couple of months went by writing songs, and in the summer Spit Rusty was ready to let the public hear a selection of their tunes at a local festival. This energetic performance was well received and only added to the band’s growing hunger of playing shows.

In October Spit Rusty recorded their first EP: Underwhelmed. The music was mixed and mastered by Anders Ruby at Late Fairytale Studio and released in December on a Creative Commons licence.

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