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Make sure you're wearing your dancing shoes, because this dog will make you move your feet!
Influenced by ska, reggae and punk music, LOUDOG is taking their listeners on a wild journey through different genres and styles that evokes memories of bands like Mad Caddies, The Slackers or Sublime. The latter played a special role for the band, having an enormous impact on their music. As a demonstration of respect, the band decided to name themselves after the dalmatian of Sublime's singer Bradley Nowell: Lou Dog.

Since the band came together in 2001 they quickly moved forward, touring all over Germany, recording two albums and gaining popularity in the ska-punk community. LOUDOG have been playing more than 100 concerts since. They shared the stage with the big names of the scene: Mad Caddies (USA), The Toasters (USA), Karamelo Santo (Argentina), The Real McKenzies (Canada), The Slackers (USA) and many others.

Their first albums "Party Thieves" (2006) and "Waste Your Time" (2007), both released on the independent label Spreadmusic, have gained much respect by the audience and german Ska- and Punkzines, such as Wahrschauer and Plastic Bomb and even internationally, as by the well known "Do the Dog Skazine" in its March 2008 issue:

"German 6 piece outfit Cumshot have changed their name to LOUDOG & released a cool new album, titled "Waste Your Time" on Spread Music Records. Much like their last album, "Party Thieves", Loudog’s new release is a good time party of dance inducing tunes mixing up 3rd wave ska, punk & reggae styles. (...)" (myspace.com/dothedogmusic)

The new album "Kito" has been released in 2009 by Al Dente Recordz. In October 2010 the album has been released for free download on Jamendo.


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