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The days of Mega Mashup and Electro Popper, Rockham city's torturers,
are counted. After two years in exile, the gang is back in town.

Its name : The League.
Its weapons : Song Blaster 1995, Riff Predator 2004 Mk II, Mega Solo
Screamer 1974 and other gadgets (batteries not included).
Its mission : Free the people of the opression of tyran Hellityst Hipsta and his minions.

Five dudes, thick sounds and singalong choruses. Scumbags have no chance.

The League formed in Paris in 2006 around a taste for American blues
and British songwritting. Until 2009, they played every club their was
to play in Paris and released a throat-grabbing debut EP "The
Soundtrack Of Your Summer" inspired by the likes of Oasis, Arctic
Monkeys, Supergrass, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin or T-Rex.

In 2012, they come back for more. New tunes, new shows, new record.

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