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À propos de cet album

  • Publication: 1 déc. 2006


Tryad is one of the world's first 'virtual bands.'

Born of Creative Commons and, the members of Tryad :: vavrek, arna, rjmarshall, John Holowach, and emma meet and create music entirely over the internet.

During 2005, for over nine months they collaborated, all without having ever spoken to each other (only e-mailed), and produced a strikingly original work.

Combining elements of trip-hop, alt. rock, classical instrumentation, and electronica, Public Domain breaks the mold of what you'd expect.

From the hard-thumping bass, drums, and chorus of "The Final Rewind," to the mellow, drifting sixties beat of "Peace On Earth (Same Place)," to the stinging madness of "Dance of the Urbanite," there's something here for everyone to appreciate.

Bands and artists like Portishead, Depeche Mode, Rob Dougan, The Beatles, Moby, Massive Attack, and many others mish-mash together in this profound audio journey...


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Magnifique , somptueux !

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16 févr. 2006

Tout simplement magnifique , des mélodies d'une douceur incroyable et pui cet album qui ne cesse de surprendre .. tout les morceaux sont bien distincts et ont leurs propres styles ! Mes pistes preferées: -my piano sings -i see -Our life change (le riff de guitar est superbe !) -Seduction Bref presque toutes les pistes en faites :)

J'aime beaucoup

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23 janv. 2006

De très bon rythme intéressants à écouter quelques soient l'endroit et l'occasion ! J'adore "The Final Rewind" et je n'ai pas encore bien ecouté tout l'album mais c'est en général envoutant et prenant. A posséder !

Przedśpiew kulturalnego renesansu

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29 oct. 2007

Weź muzykę i dźwięki stworzone przez innych i stwórz nowe dźwięki, piękne dźwięki – Try^d, jedna z pierwszych wirtualnych grup muzycznych, o międzynarodowym składzie, której muzykę śmiało można określić jako przedśpiew nowego kulturalnego renesansu. Public Domain, pierwszy album grupy, to zestaw piętnastu świetnych kompozycji, utrzymanych w nieco różnych klimatach (doszukałem się nawet inspiracji Massive Attack czy Beatlesów), ale stanowiących jedną zamkniętą całość, w sam raz dla osób znudzonych oklepanym komercyjnym graniem, poszukującym nowego brzmienia. Mnie szczególnie przypadły do słuchu The Final Rewind, Our Lives Change i My Piano Sings. Jeśli nie wiesz od czego zacząć szukać nowej muzyki, Public Domain jest najlepszym wyborem na start. Recenzja pojawiła się w numerze 24 Okazjonalnika Akademickiego Podaj Dalej wydawanego w Toruniu.

Brutal Calidad

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6 janv. 2006

Es impresionante, junto al grupo Silence o Vate de lo mejorcito que por ahora he escuchado en música electrónica.

Just Amazing

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14 mai 2008

This is the one of the best examples as to what can be done with the Creative Commons license. The joint collaboration of creativity can only produce some of the best forms of entertainment and expression.This is no exception. Beautiful flow from track to track.

Belle musique

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26 févr. 2006

Je trouve l'album bien rempli de sens. Style musical super. La voix et belle. En gros, continué comme sa vous assurer!!!!
Marcel de la Jartele

L'Absolu dans l'Absolu

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20 janv. 2006

Peut-on imaginer chose plus merveilleuse ? Enchanteresse et ensorcelante ôde.... parfaite...

Audibly irresistible

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6 août 2006

Got this two days ago. Can't stop listening to it. The three one minute snippets are somewhat humorus, some tracks are upbeat, others have a touch of darkness to them that makes this album just incredible. I love this!

Surprisingly good

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6 juin 2006

I think I like this album. The songs do not seem to follow any discernable pattern but the album certainly carries itself as a whole. After three full listenings and a fourth one under way, I still find it difficult to form a complete opinion of this. The styles vary from very modern, easy-listening melodic trance to something which I can only begin to describe as "experimental progressive 70's ethnic rock". There is a hint of jazz, and some parts even sound like old Depeche Mode. A compilation like this should not be this good, but somehow the team (I can't really call them a band due to their collaboration method) has managed to create a solid aural gem. The album is not perfect, and in that regard I have to disagree with some of the other reviews. What I find disturbing, is that I honestly do not know what to make of the album. I know I feel compelled to listen it again, maybe in the vain hope of trying to understand the complete work. It may well be that Public Domain requires several listenings before opening up, and I accept the possibility of never understanding it. What I do know, is that the album sounds good - but I honestly do not yet know if I actually like it or not. I don't remember ever listening to any other album that was equally captivating and still this difficult. This should signify a great album, but now, I feel unsure of myself. This continuing uncertainty prevents me from giving 9/10. Give this album a try. Then a retry.

magnifique et unique

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2 juin 2006

A force de voyager dans le monde musicale, j ai enfin trouver lieu ou me reposer, c 'est un album hors du commun vous etes transporté dans un univers unique qui englobe volupter et douceur. Un grand merci