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À propos de cet album

  • Publication: 1 déc. 2006


Tryad is one of the world's first 'virtual bands.'

Born of Creative Commons and, the members of Tryad :: vavrek, arna, rjmarshall, John Holowach, and emma meet and create music entirely over the internet.

During 2005, for over nine months they collaborated, all without having ever spoken to each other (only e-mailed), and produced a strikingly original work.

Combining elements of trip-hop, alt. rock, classical instrumentation, and electronica, Public Domain breaks the mold of what you'd expect.

From the hard-thumping bass, drums, and chorus of "The Final Rewind," to the mellow, drifting sixties beat of "Peace On Earth (Same Place)," to the stinging madness of "Dance of the Urbanite," there's something here for everyone to appreciate.

Bands and artists like Portishead, Depeche Mode, Rob Dougan, The Beatles, Moby, Massive Attack, and many others mish-mash together in this profound audio journey...


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29 janv. 2010

Bello e coinvolgente

Bueno, bonito, barato

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2 juin 2007

Relajante, dulce y no es la típica música chill-out que acabamos escuchando en las tiendas de ropa :) Me gusta, me gusta, qué gran descubrimiento.


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4 août 2010

Definitivamente impresionante, me gusta demasiado.


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3 févr. 2008

Ein wirklich überragendes Album! Selten habe ich so gute Musik gehört!
Region Industrial

estupenda obra

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17 juin 2013

nice sound here_buenos sonidos aquí. Thank you-gracias


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23 mai 2010

Also ich bin ehrlich überrascht! Ein einfach geniales Album...mehr fällt mir dazu nicht mehr ein!