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  • Publication: 24 juil. 2012

 The Record Of The Year for me this one, and so glad that Zep, Panu and Ciggi over at invited me in on the chance to be part of it, Included are several mixes, including one with Andres Franco's cool Break Dance rap.

Thanks to Panu for singing with me and for being a fantastic, in-house sound technician. 

Sample 1: Vocal with harmony
Sample 2: Vocal dry
Sample 3: Harmony

I see you every morning, a soulful face in the crowd
I’d like to get to know you better, if only time allowed
I feel deprived if I don’t see you there
But we are strangers, so why the hell should I care?

We’ll never know
Unless we take the next step
And say hello

I’ve checked out your hand and there’s no wedding band
But our sphere of interest might be for the same brand
I’m dusting off my sex life ‘cos it’s not over and done
And I’m wondering if you’d give this thing a trial run?

We’ll never know
Unless we take the next step
And say hello

Are you introvert and bookish, moody but sweet?
I’ve got a weird sense of humour, but my intellect’s awfully neat
I’m into champagne and coffee doughnut rings
Tell me what you like to eat, but it’s over if it’s ‘wings’!

We’ll never know
Unless we take the next step
And say hello

Want the ‘same old’ or the unknown? ‘Cos it’s up to you to choose
But if you don’t believe in love, you’ve got nothing to lose!

We’ll never know
Unless we take the next step
And say hello

Utterly charming original song by CiggiBurns. Had to cut some of the original material - hopefully it still makes sense.  Zep Hurme

Additional production and remix by Andy/Katie W @ Absolutely Multimedia Ltd

Drugs: A . Dealer 

Drums : by Mark Satari & A. Linn

Keyboards by Andy W and Zep Hurme

Guitars by Zep Hurme

Additional MIDI and drum programming by Andrew Wainwright. Executive Producer: Katherine Wainwright. And Jade faked it. So did Amy... You couldn't make it up, but the tabloids manage.

(cc) Some Rights Reserved - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA

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