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À propos de cet album

  • Publication: 31 déc. 2007

Triplexity is Nikila, SaReGaMa and Hamelin Bérengnier.

This album combines extremely diverse tracks, so everyone will surely find here something that fits his musical taste.



Between Light And Shadow Groovy NuJazz Trip Hop Lounge. Vocals by Moving Sand.

Coal Train Atmospheric NuJazz . This Track was inspired by The Descendants of Mike And Phoebe's composition – Coltrane.

Three 4 Ten World Fusion composition in 10/8 beat. This was the milestone of Triplexity.

Love Supreme Club version of John Coltrane's Love Supreme.

Honky Fonky Funky Jazzy Groove with some samples and scratching.

Reflections Ambient NuJazz Breakbeat. Oriental flavored composition.

Lucky Number Seven Ethno Jazz in 7/8 beat. Inspired by Armenian folk and Balkan music.

Dream NuJazz Ambient Trip Hop Breakbeat. This one will make you daydream

Calleso Humorous Jazzy composition with Latin flavor. Calesso derives from Spanish calle soleada, meaning sunny street.

Al Gore This IDM track was inspired by Al Gore's movie about global warming An Inconvenient Truth.

1000 and 1 nights Organic Electronic Oriental World Fusion. In this track were used samples of Hang from the track Sudharma, album Organic Healing Sound by Pedro Collares.

When Everybody's gone Melancholic Atmospheric Ambient based on the tune For Danielle originally performed on Kalimba in Instrumental Works album.


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Critiques sur "Between Light And Shadow"

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Great NuJazz Lounge music

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20 janv. 2008

I'm musician myself and I would recommend this album to everyone aiming for jazzy and smooth lounge music. Great production and good balance between acoustic sounds, improvisations and rhythm loops. It's like the music found on Verve Remixed and Cafe Del Mar compilations but independent and free.

Chill Out Jazz

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13 févr. 2008

Durch die auch bei Jamendo erhältliche Single "Afro Blue" bin ich auf dieses Album aufmerksam geworden. Wem "Sade" gefällt, sollte sich diese - meist instrumentalen - Songs unbedingt mal anhören. Professionell produziert, fetter Sound, abwechslungsreich, einige herrliche Saxophon-Soli.

Good job

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1 nov. 2008

Sometimes seems to listen to jazz, sometimes ambient, and sometimes still ethnic music, but anyway... always pleasant. Toonik

Album da ascoltare più volte

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4 nov. 2008

Un grande album, buone idee, non ripetitivo e con musicisti che sanno ben usare gli strumenti. Lo ascolto spesso ed ancora non mi annoia. Meritano un bel successo.
Sonic Mystery

Thank you Triplexity

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19 juil. 2010

High class album!!!


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16 avr. 2010

Tout d'abord MERCI ET BRAVO pour le texte accompagnant l'album.C'est très agreable de partager AVEC VOUS ces explications! Quant à la musique...........(je voudrais *clicquer* sur le petit bonhomme qui fait des courbettes admiratives!!!)... Triplexity est composé de Nikila, SaReGaMa et Hamelin Bérengnier. Cet album est un ensemble de titres aux sonorités très différentes, ainsi tout le monde pourra trouver un style musical à son goût. Between Light And Shadow NuJazz Trip Hop Lounge. Les voix sont de Moving Sand. Coal Train Atmospheric NuJazz . Ce titre est inspiré d'une compostion The Descendants of Mike And Phoebe - Coltrane. Three 4 Ten World Fusion composé en mesure 10/8. Ce titre est le point de départ de Triplexity. Love Supreme Version Club de Love Supreme de John Coltrane. Honky Fonky Funky Jazzy Groove avec samples et scratching. Reflections Ambient NuJazz Breakbeat. Composition aux sonorités orientales. Lucky Number Seven Ethno Jazz en mesure 7/8. Inspirée par la musique traditionnelle d'Armenie et des Balkans. Dream NuJazz Ambient Trip Hop Breakbeat. Celui-ci va vous faire rêver. Calleso Composition amusante et jazzy aux accents latins. Calleso vient de l'espagnol calle soleada, qui signifie rue ensoleillée. Al Gore Ce titre IDM est inspiré par le film d' Al Gore à propos du réchauffement de la planète An Inconvenient Truth. 1000 and 1 nights Organic Electronic Oriental World Fusion. Dans ce titre, ont été utilisés des samples de Hang tirés du titre Sudharma, de l'album Organic Healing Sound de Pedro Collares. When Everybody's gone Melancholic Atmospheric Ambient basé sur le thème For Danielle joué à l'origine au Kalimba dans l'album Instrumental Works

The ultimate nujazz masterpiece

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5 avr. 2011

The ultimate nujazz masterpiece. The three geniuses just formed one Supergenius, the omnipotent musical Godzilla. This monster destroys competitors with his sound superpower. Creators of bad music run for their lives, while evil corporations, who think anyone not buying Britney Spears' records is a thief robbing them of THEIR copyright money, shriek in horror and disbelief. Any of the powerful members of the Trinity does not "appear courtesy of His Kindness The Owner Of The Copyright who in his infinite generosity and wisdom allows the poor artist to create and collaborate". These musical terrorists have chosen not to become slaves. What politically incorrect behaviour! This barbarous three-headed monstrosity is so shameless as to offer the lossless DRM-free version of this masterpiece on its website for a lousy Paypal donation! I WARN YOU! Anyone helping Supergenius wreaking havoc on the music industry and on our western culture and 2000-years-old civilization by buying this album can be sued by RIAA ( on charges of "music theft", because all this money should be spent on Justin Timberlake instead! Remember! Buying independent DRM-free music on the Internet is illegal, unmoral and will be prosecuted with any and all legal measures available.

belle alchimie........

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17 févr. 2008

grand merci aux artistes.......on sort d'une ambiance pour en découvrir une autre...encore une belle ballade à noter dans son carnet d'adresse.

love this/ Wspaniałe.. niech ktoś zaprzeczy tylko..

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2 sept. 2008

love this/ Wspaniałe.. niech ktoś zaprzeczy tylko..

STOP ! n'en jetez plus !

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1 avr. 2008

Hé les gars, on a plus envie de faire de la musique quand on vous écoute ! Cet album est trop, trop, trop... Où est passé mon vocabulaire, envolé avec les notes de votre musique... (merci à MdF qui m'a signalé cet album...)