playlist artwork#12 this weekInstrumental Hip-Hop Vol. 1

par Deff Syndicate


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  • Publication: 30 avr. 2008


Some relatively simple hip-hop tracks. I haven't found anyone to lay some lyrics on it, so I'm putting it out there to see if anyone likes and wants to do that. Obviously the tracks can be changed to your liking or flow. Nothing is set in stone.

Two of the tracks were a collaboration between my friend and I. If anyone is interested please shoot me an e-mail. All you would have to do (provided that you like the tracks the way they are) is download the album and listen and record your vocals separately from the track itself. The rest is on my end.

Give em' a listen and see if they tickle your fancy. Oh yeah, language doesn't matter either. I'm all about foreign vocals.


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Good album

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13 janv. 2009

It is simple but good. My favorite is the first one.
isabelle gravenstein

Excellent track

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25 janv. 2013

Titre : Hip-Hop 1

Dear Deff Syndicate, I have put some lyrics on this super track. I would like to communicate with you direct so that you can listen to it. The lyrics have been written by a young man in quite unusual circumstances which I cannot share here. Please get in touch if you read this. Thanks a lot. London England

i can do lyrics...

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24 févr. 2009

where bouts is your e-mail address...? i'm relaticely new to this site... my username is luwegi.. e-mail is label the e-mail lyrics hiphhop1, and i'll make sure i read it... look forward to hearin from u. L

Good album

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14 déc. 2010

Like the beats and no lyrics. Nice, smooth - just what I was looking for


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19 nov. 2010

hello, I love this music and I will use this in a vidéo movie. I need the adress and e-mail and phone to ask at jeff syndicate if I can do it and show im the movie and now the conditions. Please answer at: thank

Ничего себе хипхопчик

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27 août 2008

Хороший ритм, шуршанчики, всё как полагается. Ценю вторую мелодию с этого альбома.


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9 avr. 2010

Track two is my favorite. I laid down some lyrics to it and I want to use it for my educational program´s website. I want your approval first. Send me an email and let´s talk. You and your friend are really talented. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks


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17 janv. 2009

Hey, your album is definitely tha shit!!!

Great Vibe & Excellent Energy & Emotes Wonderful Feelings

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30 oct. 2010

Hell yeah.. great vibe and nice upbeat, catchy, cool, energy, and a atmospheres. From these compelling, interesting, clearly made and stylish hiphop, track with great bass lines and nice flowing melodies and harmonies and feelings to them all. Makes you feel great, as you smile and absorb all they give you and so much more besides.

Good album

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4 janv. 2009

Hey, I like your tracks a lot! I am a Hip Hop artiste working out of Kenya, East Africa and I would love to work with your music.Please drop me a line at and we can talk music. Stay true!! SL1.C