playlist artwork#12 this weekBetween two worlds

par Maya Filipič


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À propos de cet album

  • Publication: 30 juil. 2008

As suggested by the title, this album is divided in two parts.

The "Stories from Emona" are my most recent compositions and therefore a part of my new perception of life, after leaving my studies. Emona is an antique name for Ljubljana, where I got inspired and wrote these songs.

The rest of the compositions are some of my older works, Fantasía being the oldest of them. It was composed during my high school period, while the last prelude (E flat major) was composed in my 1st year at university. I see these works as a kind of  "homage" to my favourite and ever-inspiring composers Chopin, Rachmaninov and Skrjabin.

All of the tracks were inspired by emotional events which changed something in my life for the better, bringing me to a catharsis effect in the end.


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Critiques sur "Between two worlds"

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13 août 2008

You can hear the emotions in the panio playing and the world in your mind. Enchanting, rythmic, melodic, and magical to the ears. Listen and enjoy in a dark, quite room and feel the music carry you away as it did me.

Un délice

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8 févr. 2008

Vraiment superbe... Relaxant, très doux, un agréable voyage...

Absolutely Beautiful

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9 mars 2008

The artist was able to compose beautiful pieces, and still show off her skills without sounding showoff-ish. Some of the best solo piano work on Jamendo, and probably the best I've ever heard.

paz en el corazón

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9 sept. 2008

Es una música que evoca los mejores pensamientos y tranquilidad de espíritu. Me ha encantado. Escucha a ver si te gusta.
Chopin VIII

Замечательная музыка!

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12 mai 2008

Хорошая, светлая, добрая, чувственная музыка. Получил огромное удовольствие от прослушивания, спасибо большое. В этой музыке чувствуется душа автора: полет фантазии, вера, надежда, любовь - думаю эти три светлых принципа неразделимы. После прослушивания еще очень долго звучат в сознании мотивы из этого альбома. Сам я очень люблю Шопена, Рахманинова, Скрябина: У Рахманнова особенно нравится 2-ой концерт для фортепиано с оркестром, у Скрябина Соната-фантазия №2, у Шопена много чего. Ну и естественно всю классическую музыку, фортепианную особенно. Еще раз огромное спасибо автору этого замечательного альбома, этой красивой музыки! Браво!


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26 sept. 2008

Dieses Album gehört sicherlich zu den besten hier auf Jamendo. Es ist voller Phantasie und Abwechslung. Kurzum, ein fantastisches Album!


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16 nov. 2008

Two words beautiful music:-)

Warm and enchanting piano compositions

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16 févr. 2009

Maya Filipič is an artist who, I believe, deserves recognition of the same order of magnitude as such renowned keyboard composers as Chopin, Liszt and Debussy. Her style is unique and I believe that her compositions will stand the test of time, ultimately becoming classics in their own right. It is rewarding to hear these compositions performed by the composer, as she intends them to be heard. Her playing has a breathtaking fluidity and sensitivity, which few other performers can match. Who else could create the impression that the piano is no longer a mechanical device but more an extension of the player's thoughts and emotions. Describing Maya's abilities using the written word, is very limiting. A few words to describe her dynamic playing style, would encompass; romance, innocence, passion, beauty, emotion, sensitivity, warmth, elegance and enchantment.. I could go on. Why not relax in your favourite chair, close your eyes and listen to this talented performer. I'm sure that you'll want to listen again and again. Thank you, Maya, for enriching the lives of the Jamendo community. Geofra.


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10 janv. 2008

Je l'ecoute regulièrement depuis plusieur semaine au bureau et plusieurs collegues m'ont demandé l'album. Je cherche depuis longtemps des morceaux de piano que je puisse ecouter sans me lasser tout en travaillant et votre album répond parfaitement a cette envie. Merci pour le plaisir offert a nos oreilles et bonne continuation.

Très sympa

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21 nov. 2008

J'aime beaucoup la tranquillité et la beauté simple de cet album. La musique d'un film que j'aurais bien aimé voir. Une comédie romantique ou un film de Fantasy peut-être. Malgré tout, c'est pour moi un album qui n'a pas sa place en concert, trop intimiste, trop mélodique, il manque une voix en fait, peut-être la voix de Maya ? A very good work. I love it !