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À propos de cet album

  • Publication: 17 août 2008

"Disabled emotions" suite is an album which talks about emotions that have been disabled because it was our choice, or, because we were forced to disable them.

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Full of emotion

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9 sept. 2008

An great work with emotion give us a moment of relaxing soul...must listening in the dark and enjoy in every moments of sound
Pink pasty


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9 juil. 2008

I create youtube videos (over 680,000 views of my videos on my channel) & this genre of music is exactly what I have been seeking! I'm genuinely excited having only discovered jamendo yesterday!!!! I look forward to creating in time, a video using this excellent music & hope to drive some traffic towards these worthy musicians! Thank you


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11 juil. 2008

How i begin ? Hmmm.... Your Sound is Clear and Soft Fine, heroic and ardent. I like Music how i can fly wen i close my Eys. An your Melodies is how a dance on Clud. I don´t can understand, why i did have hear from you before. ? I like it. I love it. Please, to remain true to oneself. I wish you a long and lucky Life. Holger Roll Frankfurt am Main Germany

Pur bonheur...! Pur beauté..!!

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29 janv. 2010

SUBLIME.... Je suis envahi par tant d'émotion...whoua!! Merveille. Merci pour ce généreux partage


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3 avr. 2009

on fouille on retourne on revient on cherche et parfois on tombe sur un album qui donne le frisson MERCI

Exquisite, moving - healing and profound

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9 oct. 2010

The "Disabled Emotions" are the feelings of numbness one encounters when one has hit the deepest darkest valley of depression . .. a hurt that no longer is . . . . but the music announces itself . . . in big sweeps of pastel colors, glorious bell like sounds and sweet tinkles of gentle keyboards. The solemn strings march in with trembling percussions and a plaintive song, leading the listener slowly up from the painful depths to the top of the cliffs where the full moon reaches down with silvery slippers to wear on the dewy grounds. And the cold and the wet do not bite so hard and the hurt begins to slip away . . . slowly .. . . to the bottom of the valley . . . where the pain accumulates and waits . . . The music is stunning and very moving.
Fabio Keiner


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7 févr. 2009

very finest

Good album

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5 févr. 2011



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21 févr. 2011

Sem palavras... música maravilhosa...