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À propos de cet album

  • Publication: 14 oct. 2006

Hey everybody - just wanted to let you know that we've changed band names. Slim is now, drum roll please...Radio Nowhere!

You can check out our Jamendo page, which features a bunch of new music, here:


Also, Radio Nowhere recently released a second EP, Under Strange Skies, which we're giving away free for anyone who's interested in joining our email list. Sweet! All you have to do is visit the Radio Nowhere website, and here's the link:

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Je vous dis : Bravo !

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2 janv. 2007

Un excellent album pop/rock ! Vraiment bravo ! Vos musiques sotn belles, puissantes, typiques du rock, avec un côté "planant" qui m'a vraiment plu. La voix est belle, juste, habile dans le grave comme dans l'aïgu bien rock tout comme l'instrumentation accoustique. Les refrains sotn entrainants, les musiques très intéressantes. Ca me fait penser aux meilleurs artistes rock actuels. Et je vais retenir votre nom, car je suis sûr que vos musiques peuvent très bien marcher. Really good !

It Works

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1 sept. 2008

The balance of the raspy voices, ethnic tones and solid rhythms all combine for a cohesive experience. While not edgy on any genre scope, I fear this will drop to obscurity between the more defined areas of popular music and audiences (that's not to be confused with the term "Pop" which is total crap. That being said, I'm impressed with the range of ability this band delivers throughout the album. My biggest suggestion is to up the ante and become bolder with your genre ranges. Put it in our faces! Carry on.

toller amerikanischer Radio-Rock

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24 août 2007

Prima Rockmusik amerikanischer Art bieten Slim auf diesem Album an. Macht Spaß, der Sänger hat es drauf und der Rest stimmt auch: Instrumentierung, Songs und Produktion sind gelungen.


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2 mars 2007

The topic I set says everything. This Alb'm is super. Perhaps the loudness of the songs could be improved. Sorry, I'm not a specialist for music. I know only which music I like. And the music onto this Album I like really.


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2 janv. 2007

J'adore la premiere. Elle donne le ton de l'album. Bon son, bon mix, belle voix, bref il faut poursuivre dans cette voie. Au prochain
clandestino magic


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10 avr. 2008


Wonderful, inventive track #1, "Cortez & Pizarro", rest Ugh

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10 juin 2008

User tags: fusion spanishguitar rockguitar moorish thematic storytelling historic rockbuildup onetrackwonder appliestrack1 I was immediately captivated by the Spanish guitar intro in Cortez & Pizarro. Then the powerful rock guitar kicked in and I said to myself "Oh, this is something special, a great fusion". And indeed it was, an unusual and interesting number that exhuded individuality, full of rock buildup and power yet launching proudly off a rich platform of moorish influence. Absolutely wonderful. So I listened to the rest of the album too, but alas what was promised in the first track did not materialize again, except for a few seconds of gypsy violin. A quiet pop album, going absolutely nowhere. I had been promised far more by track #1, but the promise was empty. Summary: Excellent starting track, but I'm afraid the rest did nothing for me. Some of the rest rivalled the emptiest pop you can get. I echo DoozerD's comment: Be bolder. The world doesn't need more light cruising pop, and you won't be remembered for it. Clearly you have the potential to do something more ambitious. I don't really know how to rate this album, because for me Cortez & Pizarro rates an 8 or 9 easily, while the rest of the tracks barely rate 1-3 from me. I've decided not to let album averaging rule me though, and it's better to be generous anyway, so I'm rating the first track alone and pretending that the rest of the album doesn't exist. If I don't do this then the magnificence of track #1 will be lost. Well done Slim, great track. Be bolder.

Me encanta

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2 janv. 2007

Pop y rock tranquilito que apetece escuchar a todas horas. El tema que más me gusta es Curandera, me alegra los días más tristes. El sonido es totalmente profesional, que más se puede pedir...


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11 mai 2008

Grandios! Die perfekte Scheibe fürs Auto beim Cruisen über Landstraßen! Danke!
Gaby Cardoso


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28 sept. 2008

Really great songs. Congratulations and good luck from Arg!