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  • Publication: 13 sept. 2008





After months of work the final version of our first album is being blasted through our living room speakers. The record is an hour Of The I and carries the name 'Balance Instars'. This is what it looks like and here is the official track listing:

  1. Entrance
  2. Cold
  3. Single Units
  4. Between Being and Ego
  5. Cathexis
  6. Instars
  7. Mercenary
  8. Ascend
  9. Modern Equivalent
  10. Stopping the World



The ablum is out and we're selling it ourselves on

Peace and Love,

Of The I





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1 févr. 2009

This band just keeps getting better and better. I remember listening to thier Demo-noid E.P. for the first time and thinking "this is different in a good way." Now they have the new album Balance Instars. The Sampler is good and you can buy the whole cd off of their website. Man I just keep thinking, this band is going to make it big, you hear me?

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21 mai 2009

l'album è bello, mi piace. la batteria dovrebbe essere un po piu veloce la copertina è carina l'effetto dal vivo non saprei, dovrei vederli

If This Is Just a 3 Track Sampler.. What Is A Full Album Like. Mindblowing.

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14 juin 2009

If this is just a 3 track sampler.. what is a full album like.. mind blowing. if going by these 3 great tracks, excellent vocals, really interesting, making you think lyrics, catchy, fast, powerful, dynamic music. And excellent track, that you want to play over and over again. These guys have talent and make music you do want to check out, over and over again, as I have just said.. If your into great music that is rock,metal progressive, and alternative sounding. then this is music and an album for you. Guys you sound that good, I'am surprised you don't have a contract..

Bon disque

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11 mai 2008

Du bon hard mélodique dans le style "Blue Oyster Cult", classique mais bien foutu, j'aime et je met... allez... 7,5 (tendance 8 mais bon, je vais attendre pour voir comment ça évolue)

Good job.

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8 déc. 2009

Firstly, I must say, that vocalist reminds me of James Hetfield. But that is not a disadvantage. I admit, that despite this similarity, your vocalist has really great voice. But in my opinion he could put in your songs a little bit more emotion. Now, let's talk about your music. It is... really good. One of biggest virtues is the fact, that your music is varied. I bet, that you must sound good live. Your songs have a loooot of power, so I hope I will have an opportunity to see you on concert. Come to Poland ;) Good job.

Better than good Based on three tracks

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18 mai 2010

The LP art is really nice . Even though it has never influenced me to buy any of the 5,000 plus CD`s,LP`s Cassettes,or 8 tracks over the years. The first song 'Mercenary' seems kind of dull, I`m sorry . I`m not sure how to put it. It is a good song. And only because I have heard 'Cold" am I giving it the worst rating of 8 out of 10 Opposed to the second track'Cold'Not to say that it is a bad track by any means. But 'Cold' is one of those kinds of tracks that 'brings it all back home'so to speak,it reminds me of the old early 70`s and late 60`s jam sessions. On the Scale this song gets a 12 from me.'Cold" in my opinion is the best track on the sampler and is my top pick. I really like that "Jam session feel" The third song 'Single Units" is more along the lines of 'Cold". On a scale of 0-10, this track would rate at least an 8.5 by itself. "Cold" was a spoiler for me , It made me drop at least one star off the overall score . It made the other two really good songs seam weak.(which they are not) Still there are no disappointments to my ears on this sampler. Everything is well worth listening to, and I thank you for the opportunity to listen to your awesome music . I will suggest this album to my friends.