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par Out Of Orion (Ox3)


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À propos de cet album

  • Publication: 20 juil. 2009



Spectral Voices aka EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomena)

Cover art by Gothicmama. Used with permission.

Track 1: Sets the mood of the CD with a very short introduction called Horror House.

Track 2: Featuring an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) captured by the South Jersey Paranormal Research group:

Led by Susan Bove the EVP is of a little ghost girl who says “I see you there, (indistinguishable) in the dark” possibly standing or sitting. You can hear Susan state that the room is Pitch Black.

Track 3: Further exploring EVPs this track features another girl ghost who says “Did you see it?”. There was a light moving along the bottom of a TV when the TV was off. The investigator says “Why don't we unplug the TV?” to see if the light still appeared.

Track 4: Some more EVPs on this track of possibly two ghost sisters. One says “I asked my Mommy”. The other says a full female name but it's hard to determine what she is saying. Something "Braiden". Also heard is "This isn't funny". Guess being a ghost is no laughing matter.

Track 5: Don't ever open your window to a vampiress even if she says “I love you”. The results can be tragic.

Track 6: There is a ghost in the woods dripping with rain and loneliness. Feel like comforting him? He's not quite sure if he's alive or dead. Words and vocals by Out Of Orion.

Track 7: A friend of mine Joe Litherland told me how he felt there was a pre-teen ghost living in his house named Eleanor. Whether she was a real ghost or not has never been determined. Words and vocals by Out Of Orion. Ghost voice by Terri Hewitt.

Track 8: Tonight the dead shall's All Hallow's Eve. Words and vocals by Out Of Orion.

Track 9: A remix of Haunted Sisters produced by Dax Wadley of The Soul Elephant. Putting a new spin on the original track.



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Critiques sur "Spectral Voices"

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Ooo spooky!!

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6 août 2010

I love this. Intelligent mix of spoken word. Must listen to this in the dark... There again maybe I'll leave the lights on...

Glued To My Seat... Seeing The Images & Hearing Everything...

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21 juil. 2009

Wow, this album, just keep me listening and wanting more and more, from start to finish on this interesting,sound scape, movie like, intriguing, scary, spooky,thought provoking,dramatic,horror ish, stirring, ghostly,captivating, dark, gothic, down tempo, electronic, industrial sounds, vocals, sound clips and much more to this.. It was like watch a movie in the total dark, and in front of you, was this on the big screen, and you where glued to the images, you saw via the big screen and from what you heard echoing into your ears and penetrating your mind. All you could think off, and see and hear was this album... Christ oh might. this was brilliant, and so many thoughts,feelings emotions go on in your mind, heart and soul. Something it spooked me, sometimes it held me captive, other times... I was on the edge of my seat wanting, needing more and more..

Good album

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5 févr. 2010

Was looking for some spoken word music and i have to say this album is fantastic. If you want a good story or some creepy music to get yourself scared, it doesn't get much better than this. Oh yeah, your voice sounds alot like Lance Henriksen!