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par Robin Grey


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À propos de cet album

  • Publication: 2 déc. 2009

You can buy best quality mp3/wavs from - if you have enjoyed this album please consider buying it.
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Tenth release by modifythevan - a creative commons record label -

The second album from Robin Grey.

8 tracks of gently experimental nu-folk inspired by the timeless work of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and Ani Difranco amongst many others.

"Bluesy and folky... it’s a really bloody good album." Song By Toad

"Grey is one of those wonderful talents that could recite the phone directory on record and you’d still be enthralled." Another Form Of Relief

"Very english... a great voice and a distinctive sound which is enhanced further by his excellent backing group." Backstage Pass

"Exceptionally talented... a voice you could easily listen to for hours."
The Hackney Post


To buy high quality mp3 (320k) and/or cd visit - (cd available january 2010)

All songs by Robin Grey except
'Younger Looking Skin' words by Robin Grey, music by Robin Grey, Barbara Bartz and Iain MacLeod.
'Montreal' by Laurence Williams.
'Shakes & Shudders' words by Robin Grey, music by Robin Grey and Beth Dariti.

(c) & (p) 2009 Robin Grey.

Recorded by Robin Grey at The Blue Door.

Mastered by Dominique Brethes at Flow Mastering.
Additional Engineering on 'Till Dawn' and 'Ninety Days'
by Marc Specter at Sandy Lodge Studio.
Mixed by Thomas Heister at Flesh & Bone Studios except tracks 1,2, 6 & 7 mixed by Robin Grey.

Robin Grey - vocals, guitars, ukulele, electric bass and percussion with:

Iain Macleod - banjo on 'Younger Looking Skin', 'Montreal' and bass on 'Roses From Africa'
Ben Oliver - rhodes on 'Till Dawn' and 'Ninety Days', piano on 'Roses From Africa'
Joe Allen - percussion on 'Younger Looking Skin', 'Till Dawn' and 'Ninety Days'
Barbara Bartz - accordion and violin on 'Younger Looking Skin'  violin on 'Montreal', 'The Suitors Ballyhoo' and 'Roses From Africa'
Tom Pie - double bass on 'Ninety Days'
Poppy Villiers-Stuart - flute on 'Till Dawn'
Madelaine Hart - backing vocals on 'I Love Leonard Cohen'
Beth Dariti - guitar and backing vocals on 'Shakes & Shudders'
Victoria Couper - backing vocals on 'Roses From Africa'

Front cover and inside picture by Lynda Laird.
Back cover by Erik Öhrn.
Packaging by Paperfoam using 100% recycled and recyclable materials.

(cc) This record is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license, giving you the freedom to copy and share the recordings for any non-commercial purpose.

All rights regarding the commercial usage of the record are reserved and unauthorised commercial replication is strictly prohibited. For more information visit

(cc) Some Rights Reserved - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA

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Critiques sur "Strangers With Shoes"

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So muss Folk heute klingen

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4 déc. 2009

I Love Leonard Cohen singt Robin Gray und zählt in dem Song auch noch diverse andere Einflüsse auf: Ani DiFranco, aber auch Meatloaf-Platten und Alkopops, die ihn umgeben haben zu gewissen Zeiten. James Bond, alte Fotos, eine Leidenschaft für Jeff Buckley, die CDs von Weezer, die kaum gespielt werden ... doch immer wieder Cohen. Das ganze eingehüllt in ein durchsichtiges Gitarrenarrangement und eine wunderbare Frauenstimme im Background. Bei anderen Liedern von Strangers with Shoes ist zeitweise die Gitarre auch elektrisch, untermalen Geigen die Melodien, sägt die Mundharmonika. Ein wunderschönes Stück Folkmusik anno 2009. Kein Nu, kein Anti-, kein -rock - nein Folk im Sinne der frühen 60er, in der sich der Sänger als Geschichtenerzähler begreift und sich die passende musikalische Begleitung zu seinen Liedern sucht. Kein Bombast, keine vordergründig aufgetragene Politur. Erinnerungen weniger an Dylan oder Cohen werden da bei mir wach sondern an die besten Momente der Jayhawks. Strangers with Shoes ist Robin Greys zweites Album bei dem von ihm mitgegründeten Creative Commons Label 'modifythevan', das sich dem akustischen Folk oder Pop verschrieben hat.


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5 mai 2010

Una musica che sa essere amara, polverosa, odorosa di terra e tabacco, ma che a tratti diventa ariosa, d'improvviso suggerisce orizzonti sconfinati e solleva una brezza che porta con sè il profumo del mare. Un grande album, da ascoltare e riascoltare.
Geri G

Sein bislang bestes Album!

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27 nov. 2010

Bei Jamendo gibt es immer wieder Alben, die man hört und sagt wow, vielleicht auch wow-wow-wow und 5 Minuten später erinnert man sich kaum noch an die Musik und im 2. Durchgang fällt es kaum auf, dass man die Stücke schon mal gehört hat. Bei Robin Grey ist das bei mir anders: Die ersten Takte und das ganze Stück ist mir wieder präsent. Die Stücke haben solchen Charakter, sind so prägnant, die Melodien graben sich so ins Hörgedächtnis - Ohrwürmer. Wen es interessiert: Ninty Days ist hier mein Lieblingsstück!

This is what I call MUSIC.

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6 mars 2010

10/10 for all your albums! Great piece of art)


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17 déc. 2009


Forget High Street Music Stores.. Jamendo Is Very Lucky To Have Robin For Free.. & So Are We....

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10 oct. 2010

All I can say about Robin Grey, he is the type of guys, who was born to sing, and give so much pleasure and pure outstanding enjoyment, and total satisfaction guaranteed, when he just simply sings, his heart and soul out, for our pleasure and his also course. Just everything about his voice, poetic lyrics and visionary tales of bliss, fun and happiness and real live situations. Just inspires you and makes your heart glow and resonate as each of his exquisite songs. Flow graceful and bewitchingly into the next and another begins.. I just felt myself relax and totally unwind and bathe inside this adorable, carefree, beautifully composed, performed and produced tapestry of musical expression. Heard, felt and truly admired and appreciated by me the listener. I truly have to say. Robin is that high a caliber singer and artist in general. Any album done by him. Would be sold out with an hour of being put into a mega high street music store. So we are undeniably very lucky to even get Robins albums for free here on Jamendo..
Kim Scheurenbrand


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30 juin 2010

I simply have to thank you for this great peace of music.

Bon album

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21 avr. 2010

Très bon album, cafardeux à souhait. Une belle voix, d'agréables orchestrations et de nombreuses références à l'oeuvre Cohen. C'est tant mieux en ce qui me concerne, puisque I Love Leonard Cohen too. Bravo.


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18 févr. 2010

Remarkably good work! I wouldn't compare Robin Grey with anyone else. The album is very relaxing to listen to, perfect for a winter evening. Thank you Mr Grey!
Tay Hoho


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22 janv. 2010

The instrumentation is very tasteful and just washes over me in the best way possible. I particularly like the voice - very unique and memorable, and it works well with the music. The female backing vocals complement very well give the right amount of contrast to really complete the songs they appear on. Right now, Till Dawn is probably my favorite track.