playlist artwork#12 this weekKeep Rocking

par Jako Jake

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  • Publication: 5 déc. 2010
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Critiques sur "Keep Rocking"

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c'est un tres bon album

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16 mai 2010

bravo exelent album je me regale a son ecoute parcontre laisse tombe l'harmonica merci JML

Great Blues, Chill, Listening and Reflecting Album

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15 mai 2010

A great and varied blues based album. I say Blues based because the music is virtually all blues except for a diversion in a couple of tracks. The vocals when they arrive are varied and very good. The percussion often soft, subtle but sometimes tending to have a too heavy tom. The electric guitars were wonderfully played and was an inspiration in many tracks. "Iron heart" was a superb instrumental with just the correct amount of vocals possibly added for a touch of variety. The Blues electric guitar was so Blue is almost felt Purple. The steady drum beat was just enough to emphasize the wonderful music. "Hands Up" possibly my favorite on the album, had a punchy guitar rhythm riff and original female vocals that just switched between annoyance and fascination. I enjoyed the overall originality of the mix of sounds. "Vince's rap" I found, well, less than enjoyable shall we say. However, as I'm not a fan of Rap, this may be my bias. Overall I found the album a very refreshing listening experience. The very Blues based, yet varied styles was wonderful to listen to and I cannot recommend it high enough. Apart from the final track the album is my perfect Blues, Chill, Listening and Reflecting album.

Хороший альбом

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14 mai 2010

прослушал до конца с огромным удовольствием !!!