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par Jako Jake


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  • Publication: 19 juil. 2010
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20 juil. 2010

Wow... what a very pleasant, pleasing, sounds of this young girls voice, that is sweet, innocent and very compelling,let alone refreshingly joyous, pure and wholesome sounding to my ears and heart. With nice lyrics, that are bewitching and interesting, and great music, that is deep, meaningful and very laid back, with a nice chilled atmosphere to it all. With also perfection in soothing, relaxing, sound samples like the ebb and flow of the ocean against the beach sides. and the electric, acoustic, ballad that is impeccable,dreamy, seductive and oh so cool. I could go on and on..But to listen is to feel the coolness of the breeze and the power of the vocals. In these singers.. and that also includes the backing singers. Wonderful rich, deep, hypnotic, sounds of class, style and a nice variety of tracks. To simply savour and get yourself, warm, hot and aroused to.. Let alone feeling the rays of goodness just flow and flow from within this..

Ha molao escucharos!!!

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23 août 2010

Estas en programa 38 de Radio copyleft... graciasssss por compartirrrrrrrr!!!!

TBon album

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20 nov. 2010

Belle voix chaude , bon rythme, riff cool, excellent album. J'adore, 'adhère

Bon album exelent

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20 juil. 2010

bonne musique bon mixage bon instruments exelent

Bon album

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2 juil. 2011

Sympa à écouter, jolie voix. J'ai craqué sur "shoot the pianist" avec sa fin étonnante, j'ai cru entendre une blague et j'en ai souris

Bon album

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15 août 2010

Qualité professionnelle, un réel plaisir à écouter.