playlist artwork#12 this weekSCOURGE - The Soundtrack #1

par Pal Zoltan Illes


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À propos de cet album

  • Publication: 21 août 2010

An album of selected music from soundtrack created for computer game SCOURGE. It's symphonic! Enjoy. :)

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Critiques sur "SCOURGE - The Soundtrack #1"

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30 août 2010

From a non-game players point of view, this is just excellent and exciting soundtrack music. It brings the listener in and provokes images of battles, vistas and interaction. Quality produced and professional sound. Excellent scores my friend and Bravo!! I enjoyed this so very much!!


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9 sept. 2010

Great music. Fits absolutly to RPG's. I really love your music. You are amazing !

Awesome soundtrack

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24 août 2010

Music is definitely something that is often overlooked in open source games, and Pal is doing an outstanding job in changing that :) The tracks in this album could be easily be envied by even a commercial game, with wide instrumental variance, high production values, and an excellent sense of pace, perfectly fitting for the kind of game SCOURGE aspires to be.

Excellent album

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29 août 2010

Des sons dignes de compositeurs de musiques de films professionnels, un relief et une harmonie lyrique très prenant; Bravo


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9 oct. 2010

Really nice album. I like your ideas and the and the arrangement. It is obvious that you know how to use your tools.. result is very good sound! Keep up good work!


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28 mars 2011

very good arrangement, dramatical themes and powerful strings. that's what a good soundtrack has to be!

Prawie doskonały

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29 sept. 2010


Belle aventure

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21 nov. 2011

Très belle aventure que j'espère voir un jour en image sur le grand écran. Bravo