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  • Publication: 29 août 2010
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9 juil. 2010

Estas en programa 42 de Radio copyleft... graciasssss por compartirrrrrrrr!!!!
Yashka Simon

Хороший альбом

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31 août 2010


Refreshing new stuff

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31 août 2010

Sounds like a very own style - nothing there to compare for me. Cool mastered tunes, interesting songs and gooood rock. keep on drivin'!

New Wave Punk Is Back

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30 août 2010

Its been a long time since I've heard a good garage punk band, especially with the new wave voicing. This album totally rocks from the beginning, and "Again" is a skater punk's dream! Very much worth the download!

Gutes Album

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9 mars 2010

Da kann man nicht meckern! Abwechslungsreich aber mit klarer Linie. Der Gitarrist gefällt mir gut. Hört sich etwas an wie der Ur-Punk in den 70ern. Ein wenig Sex Pistols ein wenig Clash > gute Mischung!

Coming Back With Style & Class & A Great Time..

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9 mars 2010

Hip happening and in total control good strong, vocals. And meaningful, deep thought provoking, realistic poetic lyrics and moody grungy, rock, punk,poppy music. That takes you places. makes you think. And enjoy this whole album from start till end. As these guys transport you into a musical kingdom of heavenly blissful stimulating times of amazement and joy.


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22 sept. 2010

Anfangs ohne Gesang dachte ich an the Clash, ab Gesangbeginn fühlte ich eine Mischung mit Talking Heads Geiles Album