playlist artwork#12 this weekPickled Ego - Single

par UNEX


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  • Publication: 9 juil. 2007
License Art Libre (LAL)
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Great Single =]

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23 nov. 2008

I love the Hope Remix, Keep it up

Buen álbum

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7 juil. 2009

ein sehr gutes lied,harmonisch und traumhaft.

Attention tube !

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9 oct. 2007

Un très bon tube sous deux versions aussi subtiles qu'efficaces. Ça durera autant que ça durera, mais d'ici là… Et puis il y a les autres albums parce que Unex mérite l'attention Pickled Ego (Hope Remix) capte d'office l'attention par la qualité du son de piano et la façon dont c'est joué. J'aime le style, entre le néo-classique et le presque Hip-Hop. Un peu répétitif au milieu, mais Dieu que c'était risqué ! Pickled Ego est la version de base, si je puis dire, plus techno. Ça déchire grave, et c'est vraiment bien pesé/emballé ; parce que il y a des trucs bien plus dark/gothiques, ou je ne sais quoi, qui font bien plus de dégâts, dans le mauvais sens du terme. Ici, c'est dans le bon, le très bon.
Viktoria  Omelnik

I Like it very mutch

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12 avr. 2014

Titre : Pickled Ego (Hope Remix)

I will give this song for my new video for my new channel

utterly amazing!

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13 mars 2008

Way to go in composing this piece. I'm starting to become a fan of your work

Well pickled...

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3 mai 2009

Soft strumming and delectable drumming, with strokes of piano. Very placid, like a smooth lake, lapping languidly at its shores. I think for this track the genres are way too excessive but that might apply in other works I've yet to listen to. Ambient to a degree, though not transcendent even in a personal way. Noise, well that's silence otherwise, which has its places in other tracks I've listened to but this doesn't really let up. Instrumental, definitely. New age is open to interpretation. That's the remix. Came over as a bit superficial. Then onto the title track itself which immediately presents the listener with a much more interesting kettle of fish. The structure is there but the content differs so wonderfully well in a different manner. Now there is a distortion, it is more noisy and to a small degree, but this is subjective, darker. More electro. Much more spirited by far the better track of the two. Maybe that's why the remix came first and I'm on my second listen, so I still prefer the latter, i.e. the original, even retaining the essential repetitiveness the second track makes much better use of resources. As in, presses more of the buttons, which I think is fair after such a listing. I would say, on this one, 50/50 but gets a higher rating for the brilliant original.