playlist artwork#12 this weekRuined Subjects EP

par JT Bruce


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À propos de cet album

  • Publication: 8 oct. 2011

 Ruined Subjects is a retrospective collection of unreleased tracks, film scores, and alternate versions of songs on previous albums. It's not intended as a regular album release, but rather an EP with unrelated material created between 2005 and 2011.


As a result, the production quality and style is all over the place. Some tracks are good, others are bad, and a few are just plain weird. Several are not even complete songs, but snippets from abandoned projects. Lots of ideas in these tracks were either recycled into later compositions or simply thrown away and forgotten.


The first four songs (Pollux, Vega, Deneb, and Sirius) were made for Universica and either scrapped entirely or adapted into other songs from that album.


The last eight songs (beginning with The Multiverse) comprise the score of the short film Strange Matter.


Everything in between is a jumbled selection from various projects and includes alternate versions of songs from Anomalous Material and The Dreamer's Paradox, sountracks from animations and short films, experiments, and joke/novelty songs.

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Critiques sur "Ruined Subjects EP"

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Paul H

Musical Treat

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8 nov. 2011

This is certainly not an album of throwaway material. Some of the music will sound familiar to those who have heard the artist's other work, and the album is more diverse than the other albums which have a recognisable theme running throughout. It's a very enjoyable album in its own right. Well done and many thanks, JT Bruce
Dom The Bear


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8 nov. 2011

I loved J.T.BRUCE's albums when i came here about 2007, and this collection won't change my mind at's mastered, inspired, various, i just can say it's always ok with me!! nice work Mister!! :)

Absolute Obersahne

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12 juil. 2011

Endlich, nach einer ausgiebigen, kreativen Schaffenspause erreichen neue Schwingungen aus der Künstlerwerkstatt von JT Bruce meine verwöhnten Ohren. Ich war bereits im Begriff, sämtliche Hoffnungen fahren zu lassen, jemals wieder eine Weiterentwicklung des traumgeladenen Werkes von JT Bruce genießen zu können. Der vorliegenden EP entweichen Klänge aus den Jahren 2005 bis 2011 - also nichts da mit Schaffenspause. Eine gewohnt hohen Ansprüchen gerecht werdende breite Palette von Klangfiguren unterschiedlichen Charakters, gespickt mit kleinen Überraschungen, versetzt einen immer wieder in traumverwandte Stimmungen. Ach was soll das geschraubte Gelaber - einfach nur eine ganz geile Musi. Schließlich bin ich durch den Künstler seinerzeit überhaupt auf jamendo aufmerksam geworden. Auch dafür geht mein aller herzlichster Dank nach San Diego. Der AstroBiker

As some would say... the dustbin of one man, may as well be the treasure chest of another.

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8 oct. 2011

It's not that the dustbin word, have here a pertinent meaning in a close adequacy to the context. Naturally, in music, like everything in life, choices have necessarily to be made and preferably, according to a personal view or a pattern more adequate or effective. Choices, imply leftovers... and some of the times, it's not because they're worst... or even worthless. It's occasionally merely a choice made upon the sensation that it does somehow not fit, with the global work's intents or environment. Some other cases, contemplate changes and improvements made by the musicians according to their natural development and improvement effort. And there's always the constant experimenting. In that perspective, I've no doubt that in many cases, we, the audiophiles, lose the opportunity of appreciating some real musical preciosities, because of the musicians reluctance or simply negation, in releasing them even if separately... which, I have to admit, can be quite comprehensible. In this case, obviously, it's a blessing the decision from the musician in releasing this material. Naturally aware of what's included, still I must say that it constitutes a valuable asset. And if in the mind of the musician, the clear notion of all the missing links is a fact inherent, on the other side's perspective, the fateful destiny of this compiled material, even if initially apparently too diversified, is to gain a proper identity, just after a couple of listenings.


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8 nov. 2011

Un bon album de rock qui mélange astucieusement les genres avec beaucoup de finesse et de subtilité. Merci à Dom pour la recommandation.

Fireworks of ideas Feuerwerk an Ideen

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14 août 2011

Fireworks of ideas Feuerwerk an Ideen

Another JT Bruce Success

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29 août 2011

As every album so far my JT Bruce has been, this album just adds to the incredibly long list of great music to listen to on my computer. Particularly the song Retarded Retard is probably the funniest song I have listened to in my life, the first time I was just cracking up during the last minute or so. Thanks again JT Bruce!
jamie jabberwocky

Jestem zawiedziony...

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9 janv. 2011

...tyle czasu kazał czekać JT Bruce na swoje kolejne produkcje - i przyszło zadowolić się resztkami... Dobrze, że chociaż kilka bonusów do Universicy dał...