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À propos de cet album

  • Publication: 14 sept. 2011

 Groove Radio was established at hot summer 2010 in Moscow, Russia, by three musicians.

Although they have been playing in various bands various types of music, Groove Radio was a completely new experience and challenge for them – making them learn knowing and playing music from the scratch, particularly their vision and feeling of a rhythm.
Their music is a synthesis of live rhythm section – drums by Roman Makhov and bass by Alexey Tretiachenko, and electronic sound of groove boxes by Kirill Ostrovskiy.
The band has been working on the debut album “On Air” for last 2 years. Rhythm-section was recorded on one of the best studios in Moscow, and later was mastered in New York, on a legendary “Masterdisk” studio.
The way this recording has been made, with efforts made by people from various parts of this world is just another proof of one of the main concept of the album – that there are no boundaries for the music, and rhythm is multinational language.

Cover photo by Daniel Verson.

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Critiques sur "On Air"

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[album] Grooooovy !!! :D

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21 sept. 2011

Yees ! :D J'ai bien fait de revenir écouter Groove Radio, parce que franchement c'est excellent ! du dubstep patiné triphop popisé qui fait dresser les poils du dos ;) Superbe découvert, d'un groupe qui mérite amplement de connaitre un jolie succès sur Jam'. C'est inventif, funky, amusant et captivant... Bref, difficile de décrocher de ces rythmiques lancinantes et hypnotiques :) Bravo :D
Evgeny Emelyanov

Хороший альбом

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14 sept. 2011

I don't know. It is good music or not good music.