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Setto photo

Setto is one person, me. CAU is the collective name for projects I am involved in, and sometimes others too are involved in. SettoCAU is the name I put on my music.

Almost all of my music is not supposed to sound "nice", and so if you like music based purely on whether the movements sound pleasant, my music may not appeal to you greatly. Most music that I make is primarilly for my enjoyment, reflection, or thought. I decided to start making it accesable to other people on the off chance that somebody else might be able to get something positive out of it too. If you have any opinions on my music then please feel free to let me know, by writing a review or otherwise telling me. Anybody is allowed to use my music for ALMOST anything they want. You can remix it, you can play it wherever you want to, you can distribute it, you can burn CDs of it, you can use it in a film or animation you're making, etc. However, I would ask that nobody uses any of the music I make for the purpose of profit. I would also ask that anyone that uses my music please consider releasing their work under a creative commons liscence. The images used as covers are made by me, and I have the same wishes for them as I do for the music. However if my images are used I would ask that you credit them to me so that people can find out it was me that created them. Cheers.

If you'd like to contact me for any reason you can do so at

I am GREATLY interested in the idea of working with many, many other people on numerous projects, my main aim here is to create, and maybe cause others to start creating too. If you'd like to work together on something then please do let me know.

My "style" pretty much changes every week, so a lot of the stuff I make sounds different from previous things I've released. Please don't judge the rest of my music on a couple of songs you may have heard, because you might really like one, but then find out that the rest are really not your taste, or the opposite, etc.

Wellll I can't really think of anything else to tell you about it right now, so have a listen if you want, take from it what you enjoy, and if you have a minute spare, let me know your opinions. Peace.

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