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Jects photo

Jects (Sergio Caggianelli) is an Italian artist. Component of the synthpop band L.U.D. (Light Under Dark) formed in Milan, Italy, through years he has been influenced by many kind of music. For his music Jects make a great use of Synthesizer, drum machine, piano, sampling and sometimes vocoder, so his sounds can be described as synthpop / electro with industrial and post-punk / darkwave influences.
He decided to make a solo project when he discovered the dark electro / industrial music movement. So he tried to use his synth and sampler to reproduce that sounds. The result was an electro and darkwave songs.
His first song was “Escape from prison” an electroclash / rave song but accidentally he lost the song.
In 2007 Jects has rearranged “Escape From Prison” trying to reproduce the same song composed some years ago, he released this song with some demo tracks as a solo project.
During that year Jects was influenced mainly by the new wave / post-punk and alternative rock sounds, the result of these were the single “Into the Darkness”, the first single for his first album.
In 2008 during the Christmas time he released a special EP “Silent Night” with his version of the classical Silent Night christmas song and some b-side recorded during that year.

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