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Jason Silver has been making music and writing songs since he was old enough to reach the piano. At the age of 7, with a new piano in the family room, and armed with a new knowledge of three note chords, Jason wrote songs about girls down the street or something he learned in school. 


With age, came refinement, and Jason continued to hone the craft of songwriting through the years of elementary school and high school. The power ballads of the eighties became a source of inspiration, as groups like Chicago, Jack Wagner, Bonnie Tyler, and Lionel Richie rocked the airwaves. 


In college Jason toured with "Celebration," a college singing group and recruitment force. This experience singing to an audience was crucial in establishing his stage presence and comfort in front of large crowds. 


Jason was married in 1995, and began taking jobs as a music director, arranging and directing bands for various churches, from Saskatoon, Canada, New Jersey, in the US, Kingston, and Hamilton in Ontario. 


Today Jason performs occasionally in local pubs and small bars, as well as online in virtual webcam concerts. He's established somewhat of a cult following through a large MySpace presence.


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