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pierecall photo

Hi, I'll try to introduce myself briefly. 
My name is Gennaro Giugliano, I live in Napoli (Italy), I am 43 and a self-taught music composer. 
My first listenings date back to the early 70s, mainly focusing on German artists belonging to the so-called cosmic music (like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and Kraftwerk).
This music genere influenced my whole production later, as you can notice listening to the pieces online. 
Moreover, through the setup pictures in the specific section, you will be able to have a look at the electronic equipment that I use to convey my feelings and emotions to the listeners.

I intentionally chose to share the music with everyone, freely and possibly for nothing; this is what I did when I agreed to let anyone download my music for non commercial use, and pass it to whoever might be interested, by means of the Creative Common Italia 2.5 licence (for more info, visit Creative Common Italia website).
My pen-name is "Pierecall" (a fictional name), while you can find me as "gennargiu" on Icompositions website." 

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