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serakina photo

Well, hard to talk about yourself, right ?
I am into music since I was a Kid. Playing the Flute in school, my teacher soon realized, that I have talent for music, but not for sheet reading :-/. I quickly could play anything I heard before.
When I got in contact with a friends home-organ, I got hooked. Later I saw the first DX7 Synthesizer, wow...wanna have.
It took some more years, but I got the money together for a Korg Poly 800, my first Synth. I was young I was crazy, I sold it... I always regretted that. but hey we all make errors in life.

When I met my Wife, we bought a Roland JX-8P.
This one I kept for more than 20 Years.
Sold it , because, now is 21th Century, Virtual Instruments are here ! When I heard that the VST Korg M1 sound was much better than the original Hardware, I changed to VST.
This I did to realize that Hardware is much cooler.
I now own a Roland V-Synth GT ;-)

In 2006 I made my Debut CD, Serakina - Serakina.
I thought I will be rich and famous soon :-)...
I sold one CD. To my aunt...

Finding out about Jamendo in 2007, I signed up, and released 8 more Albums there. Find them all there or on my Music Page .
In the mean time, I have some kind of a name in the Internet. My Music was featured on all major Chill-out Podcast. There was even a whole show
It was in polish, I did not understand a word, but it was soooo coool :-))

I work as a self employed IT - Supporter to make my living. So besides the music, I love computers and technology. But I am also an outdoor guy, love to sleep outside in summer. I am no sport fan, but I try to stay healthy..... where are the chips ?

My other side is very spiritual, there is more in life than meets the eye. My famous quote is:

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that‘s why it is called present...

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