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da Lello Anastasio


1 1956 Ascolti
2 6021 Ascolti
3 1782 Ascolti
4 3100 Ascolti
5 848 Ascolti
6 862 Ascolti
7 861 Ascolti

A proposito di questo album

  • Pubblicato: 29/nov/2012

 This album has been created and mixed completely with Apple GarageBand for IPAd

The seven songs, composed through the years since 1995, have been recorded at the end of 2012, using simply an IPad2 and an external keyboard. 

This is an Instrumental Prog-Metal Album, than the Guitars should rule! However, the Guitars, thanks to an advanced audio engine and high quality audio samples, has been played exclusively with an IPad!

Can't believe?

Download it and listen!

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