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da Bruno Susio

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  • Pubblicato: 08/dic/2012

Three jazzy tunes played live by Bruno Susio and his mates.

Blue tie: is a bluesy track dedicated to business men's most used garment - a tie of blue color.

F-Key standard: is an improvisation upon a F-key

NYC Kiss: a song in a Big City mood.

Bruno's Gear:

Greg Bennet Royale RL3, Hagstrom Viking 1968 - ZT Lunchbox 200-watt 1x6.5 Guitar Combo Amplifier - Vox ToneLab LE

Recorded at Smart Note Records Studios - 2012

(cc) Some Rights Reserved - Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA

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Upbeat Old School Guitar Blues+ Plus a Hint of Jazz

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Every night is Saturday Night when this Album Plays! :D Quite simply Listeners who enjoy a “Intimate” Club Style of Instrumental Blues will have a Ball with the three songs found in this Collection. The Tracks #1 and #2 exude a very Pure but Happy Electric Guitar Anchored Blues Style with a Non-Twangy Lead and Mellowly Warm Electric Bass Accompaniment. Light but Peppy Drum Kit drives the Rhythm at a moderately fast pace and the Feeling is Happy-Happy-Happy. Track #3. 'NYC Kiss', has a distinctly Jazzy Character and the Mood is indeed more Cosmopolitan and Urban. If the First Two Songs are Day then Number 3 is Night but All are equally enjoyable.