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da JT Bruce


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A proposito di questo album

  • Pubblicato: 20/mar/2006
Anomalous Material is the first full-length album by JT Bruce. This progressive rock album consists of 16 songs, most of which are instrumental. Lush, dynamic compositions with a wide range of moods, tones, and atmospheres make up the bulk of this work and will appeal to fans of progressive rock and progressive metal alike. The heavily layered and technical guitar work coupled with rhythmically complex drumming works together with carefully orchestrated synthesizer to create a very unique listening expirence.
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Gracias a una buena sección rítmica es posible el lucimiento de los demás instrumentos. Los recursos de ejecución y composición se emplean de una manera correcta, agregando que el trabajo técnico de grabación ha colocada cada sonido en el mejor lugar posible. Felicidades.


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I was very long searching for good instrumental guitar-music until I've found this album and I have to say: I love it!
Jeebus McChrist

Absolutely amazing

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I found this guy on as I was flailing around on the radio. I wasn't expecting much, to be honest, but I was basically floored. After I learned you could download his albums for free, I took to the gracious internet and viciously desecrated Jamendo's bandwidth (at which point I noticed it was BitTorrent, so was merely desecrating other user's bandwidth). My favorite track has to be Existential Delirium sheerly because of the wonderful beginning. Alright, I lied. The entire song is awesome. As with all of his songs, it's filled with complex rhythms and memorable melodies you rarely hear the likes of these days. JT Bruce definitely has a mind for music (and even film, if you've seen his strange yet captivating pointless viral video attempt "Umlaut Ampersand". Yeah, yeah, it sounds like I'm a JT Bruce fanboy here. I'm sorry, but I'm just quite impressed with how he not only has great musical ideas, but he executes them flawlessly.

very nice

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reminds me of early nineties computer game music. for me it even sounds like it was ment to play in some computergame. sometimes it sounds a bit too childish though. but all in all very nice and worth the download.