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da JT Bruce


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A proposito di questo album

  • Pubblicato: 20/mar/2006
Anomalous Material is the first full-length album by JT Bruce. This progressive rock album consists of 16 songs, most of which are instrumental. Lush, dynamic compositions with a wide range of moods, tones, and atmospheres make up the bulk of this work and will appeal to fans of progressive rock and progressive metal alike. The heavily layered and technical guitar work coupled with rhythmically complex drumming works together with carefully orchestrated synthesizer to create a very unique listening expirence.
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Progressive Medicine

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Comparisons with Dream Theater and/or John Petrucci are inevitable when you listen to this. However, the music does get diverse with its sound and atmosphere. The album has a charcter of its own. This is one of the very best albums on Jamendo. It takes you on a journey and along the way it heals you. The 4th song Existential Delirium is something I would want as a soundtrack for a travel documentary. "The Artist, The Sage and the Jester" has a story to tell, even the Goa trance junkies would barter their acids to listen to this. I personally always love to listen to entire albums. All the same, songs like Lucid and Drempt are awesome as individual songs.

Excelente trabajo

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Muy muy muy bueno, excelente trabajo, seguid asi.


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Very impressive instrumental progressive Rock. Enjoyable! Tim

Отличная музыка

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Качественное не загаженное лупом звучание, хорошая, чистая музыка под которую можно заниматься чем угодно, не давит на нервы. Да и вообще просто красиво.

Excellent prog rock instrumental.

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Oups !!!

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Je ressors d'un choc émotionnel, l'écoute de cet album de JT Bruce ! oups ! Pour du progressif, c'est de la musique exeptionnelle et trés personnelle. Piste préférée : tout justement ! influence multiple mais résultat original. faut que je vois ce groupe en concert ! bravo ! ! ! encore ! ! !