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A proposito di questo album

  • Pubblicato: 20/giu/2006

The album Increase the Dosage features guest performances by musicians such as Seamus Blake (the Mingus Big Band), Michael Shrieve (Santana) and Matthew Garrison (Herbie Hancock).

The album was released initially on 4/4/2004 but the short-run self-released pressing quickly sold out. It was released again on 9/25/05 in a web package with full album art.

The web package is a self-contained website with hyperlinks directly from the tracklist to MP3 sound files. It features 4 pages of full-color artwork by Seattle artist Shawn Wolfe. (view web package)

Excerpt from All Music Guide review by Matt Borghi:

The Revolution Void recording is excellent and shows quite a gifted blend of sounds that defy genre specification, coming together and becoming quite cohesive. This is a very eclectic recording and one that certainly rewards the listener with a palette for new and intriguing sound. This is a great disc, and one that listeners should definitely look into.

4/5 stars.


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Muy fresco!

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Un disco muy ameno y fresco, es bailable en la mayoría de sus momentos... royo hammond exquisito, acid jazz con breakbeat... buena pareja. Tiene momentos de viaje e improvisación instrumental, BAJARSELO! 70 MINUTOS MUY RECOMENDABLES...

bien bon

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Bon son, et bonnes musiques ! Bon album ! les percus sont bonnes et les instrus accompagnent bien le rythme. Ca se laisse écouter avec plaisir du début à la fin. Que dire de plus ?


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No es mi tipo de música, bueno, tal vez ahora ya sí... ;-)
Tom Petit

à tomber sur le cul

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ouaaaaaaaaaaaaa ... de l'excellent travail, une sonorité que j'adore, un très beau voyage merci

Damn good!

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I'm not so at ease with the english language that I can say more than "hey you all, listen to this stuff! It's a fucking good album!" Lui for Natsh


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Völlig abgefahren. Die Musik sprüht förmlich vor Ideen. Einen besonderen Song hervorzuheben wäre unfair den anderen Songs gegenüber. Diese Scheibe ist der eigentliche Nachfolger von Protection/Massive Attack. Handwerklich sehr gut. Die Produktion ist gelungen. Musikalisch immer am Rande der einzelnen Richtungen. Ich sage nur: Trip Hop meets downtempo meets breakbeat meets jungle meets acid meets Jazz meets ambient Als ähnliche Gruppen würde ich wie oben bereits erwähnt Massive Attack, Prodigy, Tricky aufführen.

La grande classe !

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J'avais écouté le deuxième avant le premier... mon opinion ne change pas, cet album c'est du gâteau ! Bravo et un grand merci à ces musiciens de grande pointure de se rendre accessible de cette manière.

Good Source of Revolution Void

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While this album may be hard to swallow at first, after a few listens you'll find yourself craving a daily dose. More albums should be constructed like this and that's saying a lot when this album is free...

Terrific album

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I can't believe this is free album. This should be put on the pedestal of contemporary American music. Absolutely fantastic.

Хороший альбом

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Terrific!How much I love drums!!!!