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da Van Syla


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  • Pubblicato: 28/dic/2009
I dedicate this album to Dawn, to thank her for her kindness, her generous support and for  sharing her feelings and emotions so gracefully around music. Her reviews sound like Musictomyears. "The Age of Innocence" , track 1, was especially written for Dawn and now belongs to her. Van Syla
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Oh Wow!

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This music by Sylvania is beautiful beyond words. classic and lovely and oh my gosh so emotional I hardly know what to write. Classical is my all time favorite music and this sounds like it was written by one of the great composers! I am sooooooo downloading this and playing it loudly throughout the entire house for all to hear! An absolute joy!! And Sylvania I must add my 2 cents worth about Dawn. She is the ultimate poetic music reviewer on Jamendo and truly feels the music in her heart. Bravo to you my friend for dedicating this music to Dawn. She MORE than deserves it!!

Buen álbum

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En algunos temas, conmueve la pasion con la que tocan y relajan con sus melodias

I Was Totally & Utterly Moved Beyond Word..... My Emotions Left Me & I Really Did Enter Into The KIngdom Of God.. Bless You Sylviane.. You Made Me So So Happy.Proud & Very Very Content & A Loved Person On This Earth, Listening To This Enchanting, Magical, Euphoric, Hypnotic, Dreamy, Bewitching,Classical, Elegant, Graceful Profound, Sound-Scape Of Aura & Pure & Utter Enjoyment & love Heard, Felt, Seen & Touch... Love Dawn...

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Dear Sylvania, I'm, very humbled and very proud and flattered, by what You, have done for me.I can never repay you, for the great gift you or anyone, could have done for me, by listening to me,understand me, and finding out, who I really am, behind the musical reviews, you have took your valuable time, energy,and your genius like skills and amazing talents to composed, performed and given to me, this exceptional, truly beautiful, intoxicating, delightful, stimulating, heartfelt, arousing, dramatic at times,catchy,sad even, joyous,euphoric and happy as well, with so, so, much more, your music and gift does and shows me and tells me, you really listened to me...and totally understand me to perfect. A really addictive,interesting, compelling, master piece of musical expressions, done to a very high standard and with exceptional sound quality as well, and all about me, Dawn, the person behind the name musictomyears on Jamendo. And you will never know Sylviane, how proud,euphoric,really appreciative,glad,loved and let alone cared for, and very well understood by you this means to me.. Thank you for your mesmerising,fantastic, hypnotic,dreamy,bewitching,ethereal,classical, piano,instrumental,new age, ambient music,and flowing, graceful,elegant, delightful sound-scape did to me. It made me cry,as I reflected and thinked about my life,let alone help me understand it better, and above others things in between, what I have said above. You are a angel on earth Sylviane, and I'm truly bless to have you as a wonderful, true, real friend in this big wide world. I can honestly hand on heart, tell you. I loved everything, I heard, especially the track you wrote about me, Age of Innocence...My tears couldn't stop flowing down my face on that one. And as I listened to the others, I was blown away, but the grace, magical-beauty and awe of everything. I felt,, my spirit and soul, let alone heart rise and I was moved beyond words.. Bless you Sylviane, as I'm truly bless to have a gift of valuable friendship in You. love and warmest thoughts going your way always, love and true friendship forever, Dawn hugs..

Vey Nice!

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Brano : Wounded but alive

Mellow without being boring! Doesn't just keep repeating like so many of the new songs other ppl write. Love this artists work!

Une belle entente avec ...

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Eux! entre symphonie pianiste et jazz, ou tempo-danse-classique sur fond de toile à découvrir soi même, mixé d'ouest en sud par le vous aimez "quelque chose dans ce monde" posez vous ici un moment! c'est une balade! à bientôt, c'est sûr!


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Maravilloso trabajo, delicado, sensible y profundo donde se reconoce el buen hacer de un gran artista, donde derrama en todo el álbum belleza, energía y magia. Mi más enhorabuena por un trabajo de gran calidad.


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Gratuluje wspanialego albumu i dziekuje za udostepnienie
Remo Puls


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Ein sehr gefühlvolles Album

A beautiful garden... fertilized with love

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I don't know why so many people are afraid to let go, to all those wonderful feelings that are hopelessly and necessarily a part of the whole that we are. If we love someone... why not say it, clearly. If we need someone... why not let them know of that. It's really a thing that we all know... but our fears and selfishnesses, sometimes disguised as lack of time, somehow keep on taking some advantage, of whatever we have of good. And unfortunately, it's just when we lose someone, that we comprehend the real value it had to us... we never learn. It may not seem that I'm speaking about this album... but I am. Because it's a beautiful album in so many ways... musically, of course and humanly... clearly. Love and affection move us all, but just some have the courage to show it, without pretensions or demagogy. The act of giving, is always a reward to the giver... or so it should be and in that way, an act of receiving, by its own virtue. And the beauty of and in this music, clearly shows it. You have to be a beautiful person... and a wonderful gardener. Kindly recommended, by another beautiful flower... Daisylis.


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La vraie musique! J'adore cet album.La paix dans mon coeur, le silence, l'oubli, les reves, le present, l'avenir.Toutes sont ici.C'est un plaisir d'ecouter.Merci pour cette musique.Plus d'etoiles pour vous et mon admiration!!!