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da Studebaker's Blacksmith Shop


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A proposito di questo album

  • Pubblicato: 25/giu/2010

"Nebula" wurde im April 2008 von der Band Studebaker´s Blacksmith Shop aufgenommen und eingespielt. Produziert wurde das Album von der Band selbst in Zusammenarbeit mit Victor Bullok. Die Aufnahmen erfolgten im Proberaum der Band. 12 Meter unter der Erde in einem Bunker. Die Band besteht aus den Teilen Gesang (Kerstin Dietl) Drums (Uli Eggerbauer) Bass (Joe Kirsch) und Gitarre (Alex Dübell).

"Nebula" was recorded in April 2008 by the Band Studebaker´s Blacksmith Shop. The album is self-produced together with Victor Bullok. The recordings took place in their rehearsal room 12 meters in the underground inside a bunker. The members of Studebaker´s Blacksmith Shop are: Kerstin Dietl (vocals), Uli Eggerbauer (drums), Joe Kirsch (Bass) and Alex Dübell (guitar)

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Album surprise de rock, assez bluffant :D

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Stupéfiant album, d'une incroyable maturité artistique, d'un rock effectivement très foofighters. Bravo, très bonne surprise pour moi :)


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Diese Album enthält alles was abwechslungreichen Rock ausmacht sehr gute Stimme, ein Drummer der es richtig krachen lassen kann, saubere Gitarren Riffs. Bitte mehr davon! Eddy
Julien Grenon

Bon album

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Je trouve l'ensemble très bon et très cohérent. Ça se laisse facilement écouter et les morceaux sont plutôt travaillés et entrainants. Bravo.


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Listening to some of the contemporary rock productions often makes me lose some faith in bands capability to produce innovative quality music either by imposition or mere lack of inspiration... and then I listen to an album such as this one and my faith is renewed. ROCK IS ALIVE, LONG LIFE TO ROCK!

Bloody Awesome. Alternative Rock Band.. Where Everything Is High Caliber.. Music. Vocals & Lyrics... Everything Just Flows To Perfection Inside My Ears & Heart..

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Its great to hear a female singer on a good alternative rock album.Her voice is powerful, euphoric and hypnotic, to my ears and heart. And she really expresses the emotions of the lyrics, with such sincerity, passion and desire, to do a great job..And by god.. this girl surely does.. The music is driven, hard, fast and electric and set my pulse racing. With good electric guitar riffs and solos. And a good drummer to boot. And each and every song. Is brilliant..the production is high caliber, the songs are high caliber. and the music is exceptional. And not forgetting this girl she is really good. I sat mesmerized by her voice. And the heartfelt sincerity of her voice. And the passion these guys played, just wrapped perfectly around her voice. Giving me the best sensations I as a listener could ever get from this album or any at that...
Joe Chip


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Fetter Alternative-Rock mit fantastischer Sängerin! Das braucht sich auch international nicht zu verstecken.Sehr schöne, tighte Rythmusgruppe, geiler, grungiger Gitarrensound. Alles mit solider Härte, aber nie nervig. Guter Gesamtsound, klare Produktion. Nur der Bandname ist schlecht gewählt, da wäre etwas kürzeres einprägsamer. Bestimmt ne gute Liveband. Unbedingt anchecken! Mit das beste, was es hier so auf die Ohren gibt!


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*Une musique sublime,subtile,fine... *Une voix chaleureuse,sensuelle,délicate... *Un moment de pur bonheur musical. Voici en gros ce que vous offre cet excellentissime album! Merci à Znip pour la recommandation! Et merci aux "Studebaker´s Blacksmith Shop" pour le partage

Top band

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Top music ....Bravo

A Beautiful Album

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And yes this band actually can make an album! I live in the States or I would have gone to see them by now. Just keep on and thanks for the music Stude


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This music reminds me of the skate park for some reason.