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da Razvan Veina


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A proposito di questo album

  • Pubblicato: 08/gen/2010

 Another soundtrack album based on the soundtracks for "The Magic Pearl" audiobook.

Some interestring themes there, mostly dramatic.

Have fun!

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Mmmm Inspirationally Awesome...Beautiful....Bewitching & Lovely...Sincere & Moving..

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An exceptional movie score from a fantastic, beautiful expressed and done to perfection. adaptation of The Magic Pearl. a unique, beautifully rendition of an adaptation of the ancient Chinese ghost stories, that have been handed down from generation to generation. The story starts out in modern-day California, where two children of Chinese heritage are left in the care of their Grandmother while their parents are away on a trip. But their Grandmother is no ordinary Grandmother. She is more like a wise witch doctor, full of stories, and able to conjure up spells and magic potions. Initially the children are afraid of her, but gradually she wins their trust. By mistake, the three of them are transported to ancient China, where they enter a world fraught with wizards, witches, ghosts and an assortment of other dangers. This is where the adventure begins, as they try to safely make their way back to the modern world. But they won't leave China without learning some important life lessons, as well as an appreciation for their culture. Set amongst ancient temples, villages and lakes, with a backdrop of wide plains and towering, mist-covered mountains, "The Magic Pearl" takes the viewer on an animated travelogue of China. The story is compelling, find, with action, drama, heartfelt moments and bewitchingly spend images that flood your mind and thoughts. Let alone wonder atmospheres to compel you and make you think, enjoy and lap this whole soundtrack of an adventure, people, characters, places and nature that will fill your mind and heart. .


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One of the best soundtrack albums on Jamendo. All very good melodies, with appropiate times for videos. I'll use some of them. Beautiful songs.


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inspiring themes with sentimental, heartfelt and lovely melodies. the only thing is that the tracks could be a little bit longer. then the album would be perfect! but i like it very much even if it's not perfect! i like pensive themes that encourage you to think and which make it possible to dream!