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Passionate about data analysis, engineering and exploitation, you like to improve search engines relevance or create new social and music discovery features. You also take care of system scalability, reliability and performances.

You appreciate a friendly and agile working environment, where you will be able to express your ideas and creativity in our music projects.

Required skills

  • Gap year or Final year internship from an Engineering School/Master/Doctorate level with a major in either Computing or Maths/Statistics
  • You have strong skills in data intelligence and analysis
  • Experience with one BigData frameworks (Spark, Hadoop)
  • Experience with Sql (Mysql) and NoSql databases like Cassandra
  • Knowledge of search engines like ElasticSearch, Solr
  • You are Fluent in English and/or in French

Optional skills

  • Knowledge in machine learning, data mining and business intelligence methodologies.
  • Scalability and fault tolerance
  • Experience with web framework such as Django (our ETL is written in Python), Zend (API used to access data)

About Jamendo

Jamendo is the world’s largest music community for independent artists. We reach millions of music enthusiasts globally every month through our website and apps. Our goal is to help people discover free music uploaded by talented and emerging artists.
We also offer a very convenient licensing solution to professionals who need music for commercial use ( And finally, we provide exposure and a unique way to make money for independent artists. Our philosophy? Win-win!

You want a boost in your career, work in a fun environment while shaping the future of music? Look no further! Join our team of young, talented professionals!