About Jamendo

Jamendo is the world’s largest platform of royalty-free music. We provide free unlimited streaming and downloads to music enthusiasts, and offer a very convenient licensing solution to professionals who need music for commercial use ( Finally, we provide exposure and a unique way to make money for independent artists. Our philosophy? Win-win!

Jamendo’s work environment is very dynamic. The team is young, motivated and has the same vision about music: it is meant to be shared freely, without any limit.

Your mission at Jamendo

Joining a team of super-hero frontend and backend developers / designer / devops and working with a rich technology stack, you will be responsible of the enterprise data analysis, engineering and exploitation. You will create new social and music discovery features, improve our internal search engines relevance, improve e-commerce conversion, help our business with data analysis (BI), etc. As we need you to take special care of system scalability, reliability and performances, we also require advanced computer engineering skills and experience.

You can expect from Jamendo the possibility of growing your current skills and learning plenty of interesting programming technologies, frameworks, techniques, database technologies, web architecture patterns, devops practices and product life-cycle. All of this in a friendly and agile working environment, where you will find large room for your ideas and creativity to put on our passioning projects! This is a fantastic opportunity and you can start it from tomorrow!

Your profile

  • At least 2 years of working experience as a data scientist or data engineer
  • MSc or PhD in computer science, maths, statistics or other relevant fields
  • Relevant knowledge in information retrieval, machine learning, data mining and business intelligence methodologies.
  • Our ETL is written in Python. You need to be completely proficient working on it
  • Comfortable to work on Debian based environment
  • Exposure to Solr, ElasticSearch (we use both) or other search server technologies
  • You are an SQL master, but you have experience with NoSql databases as well (we use MongoDb and Redis)
  • Experience processing large amounts of structured and unstructured data. Knowledge of Hadoop ecosystem, warehouse technologies (RedShift) and data stream processing frameworks such as Apache Storm/Kafka is not required but significative bonus
  • You have some knowledge of web protocols, architectures and techniques: Http protocol, Web programming stack, SEO requirements, caching techniques, Ssl, Rest, Tcp/Ip, etc
  • System design is an important skill: scalability and fault tolerance are not utopia and you know how to get that!
  • Php (Zend), Js, Node and other programming languages or technologies are considered a plus
  • You love to work in team, and you can lead projects responsibility and successfully
  • You love music and music products
  • You can speak English and/or French