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About Jamendo

Jamendo is the world’s largest platform of royalty-free music. We provide free unlimited streaming and downloads to music enthusiasts, and offer a very convenient licensing solution to professionals who need music for commercial use ( Finally, we provide exposure and a unique way to make money for independent artists. Our philosophy? Win-win!

Jamendo’s work environment is very dynamic. The team is young, motivated and has the same vision about music: it is meant to be shared freely, without any limit.

Your mission at Jamendo

Joining a team of super-hero frontend and backend developers / designer / devops and working with a rich technology stack, you will be working on products frontend and backend, as well as system infrastructure. You will contribute to the code of,,, and other websites or mobile apps, bringing your skills, knowledge and ideas.

You can expect from Jamendo the possibility of growing your current skills and learning plenty of interesting programming technologies (eg TypeJs / EcmaScript6), frameworks (eg Backbone, Express, Grunt, Zend, Django), techniques (isomorphism), database technologies (eg MongoDb, Redis, ElasticSearch), architecture patterns (eg clustering, fault tolerant routing, queues), devops practices (eg Chef deployment, testing automation) and product life-cycle (from brainstorming to analytics).

Jamendo expects from you a significative and constructive contribution in all of these domains, resulting in an always-better product and code, which will keep feeding and enabling our growth. This is a fantastic opportunity and you can start it from tomorrow!

Your profile

  • At least 3 years of working experience as a web developer, with focus especially on Php and Js
  • BSc or MSc in computer science is not required but strongly preferable
  • You are comfortable both with event-driven programming (Js, TypeScript) and object oriented programming (Php, Py)
  • You have good experience with JavaScript ecosystem: HTML5 api, at least one MV* Js framework for modern and complex web applications (eg AngularJs, BackboneJs), frameworks such as Require, Grunt, and JQuery
  • You have good experience with at least one Php MVC framework, preferably Zend.
  • You can write, interpret and debug/optimize complex SQL queries (we use MySql / MariaDb)
  • You have good knowledge of web protocols, architectures and techniques: Http protocol, formatting languages (Css, Sass), SEO meta and micro data, Sql and NoSql databases, caching techniques, scalability principles, etc
  • Node.js is not a requirement, but is strongly preferable
  • Mobile development is not required but strongly preferable. Knowledge of cross platform frameworks such as Phonegap/Cordova, plays as further bonus.
  • Optional, but playing a significant bonus: Python, ElasticSearch, Solr, Redis, MongoDb, Android-Java, ObjectiveC/Swift.
  • You have a strong passion in new technologies, Web and mobile products
  • You love to work in team, and you can lead projects responsibility and successfully
  • You love music and music products
  • You can speak English and/or French