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    Jamendo is all about royalty free music…

    But what exactly is royalty free music?

    Royalty free music refers to music that doesn’t require the payment of royalties when it is used. Nevertheless, in the case of commercial use and videos, it doesn’t mean “free music”.

    Personal use

    All the music on Jamendo has been created by independent artists, who have chosen to make their work free in the context of personal use. The artists remain the owners of their creations’ rights, but they allow individuals to stream and download them for free, in a non-commercial context, for personal enjoyment. However, it doesn’t mean their music can be used in videos, or in any commercial / professional context.

    Commercial use

    Thousands of composers on Jamendo have decided to make their music available for commercial use (in videos, or to be streamed in public places), as long as a licence has been acquired by the person willing to use the music. Those artists have joined a program called Jamendo Licensing, that allows them to distribute their work legally, while protecting both their rights and those of the final user. To learn more about Jamendo Licensing, please visit the links below:

    I want to use one or several tracks in a video (or any multimedia project) I want to stream music in a public place