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  • Publikacja: 29 mar 2010
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Hermann Floride

Encore! on en veut encore!

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30 mar 2010

Visiblement ici on privilégie la qualité à la quantité. Une voix peu ordinaire. Des arrangements originaux et un univers plus que sympathique. Quatre titre c'est un peu frustrant. On a envie de s'installer dans cet album et d'y rester des heures. vivement le prochain.


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14 kwi 2010

sencillamente genial

Exceptional Voice, Great Vibe & Wonderful Heartfelt Emotions In This Remarkable Album

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22 maj 2010

Her voice is strong, moody and sultry, as she sings and take control and commands each and every song heard on this exceptional, high caliber, pop,indie, folk album. And the lovely flavours of the piano, give it the added edge and seduction to the sights and sounds of her compelling, very enjoyable, infectious voice. I loved the blend of the musical instruments that tease and please you as well. Like the acoustic guitar, and the tambourine, in Ballad of the Metronome and that happy, feel good beat makes you feel like dancing in this track. This girls a shining star and should go far in the business of music. As that voice she has is exceptional.


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31 mar 2010


Very fresh!

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13 maj 2010

Love the vocals, and a very fresh sound overall - dig it!

Außergewöhnlich gut!

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5 wrz 2010

Sagt mal: Kommt es mir nur so vor, oder gibt es derzeit hervorragende neue Alben? Auch dieses von Elle Lefant ist eines der Spitzenklasse! Wirklich außergewöhnlich. Sowohl Musik als auch die Klasse Stimme! REINHÖREN!!

Very Cool Work!!

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16 kwi 2010

Wow, good, strong vocals, great piano work, moody, a little bit dark and catchy as HELL! There are a few little places where a teeeeensy bit of polish would make these tracks PERFECT, but all-in-all this band is SUPERB, and a true delight to find! (Let alone on a free download venue like this!) Good, good stuff! I think my favorite tracks are "No Moon" and "ballad of the Metronome." Y'all rock, and I can't wait to share this with others! May I ask, were you influenced by Florence + The Machine at all? Your sound reminds me much of them, but is different in all the good ways. :)) Cheers and Kudos! Nae


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16 sie 2010

Vous êtes trop bien !!!!! Depuis que j'ai découvert le groupe, je ne peux plus m'en passer :) à quand les nouvelles chansons ????

Bon album

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2 mar 2011

Tout est déjà écrit dans les critiques. C'est frais, léger, joyeux.J'aime et ne suis pas le seul.


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13 maj 2010

I loved it, and songs composed and striking vocal style jazz