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Lucky One Jamendo Music track cover

Lucky One (2013)

George Woods

From the album: Heartbeat
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    • catherine.edwardes avatar
      2 years ago

      Can't believe I'm getting this for free. Many thanks and suspect we'll be seeing lots more of you

    • PfefferundLiebe avatar
      3 years ago

      What a wonderful song, George! Id love to use it as backgroundmusic in one of my video. Can I?

    • ismail tuzhaev avatar
      4 years ago

      i made my fist video with your song on it and it becomes a very good feedback. hope you like it too. and i hope it is not forbidden to take the link of it here. thanks a lot and please more of this music

    • KikeYopo avatar
      4 years ago

      Congrats, great song, thanks for share ;)

    • michael götz avatar
      4 years ago

      This song is amazing! Everytime I listen to it my mood lightens up. I didn't expect to find such great music on Jamendo under creative commons.