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Free And Lucky (2013)


Del álbum: Free And Lucky
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    • song노잼 (씨팍) avatar
      hace 7 meses

      I was wondering if you could allow me to use this song for my YouTube game video

    • Laura avatar

      Hey there :) Glad you like the song. Could you contact us at for more info on how to use the song in a video.

  • RaffertyWeiss Media avatar
    hace 2 años

    Great move that you give away your music for free. We just finished another production containing your music. As you are a great donator, we will return the favor. Regards

  • Axel  Pavlov avatar
    hace 3 años

    I used it on youtube, in this video: v=qt1N0zVqA2g So,,, YouTube to me forbids to use your track. They will long deal with this problem. You can explain them, what a track under the license Creative Commons?

  • Sarah Wong avatar
    hace 3 años

    Finally I found background music for my video. Thank you for giving out the music for free :)

  • Petra83 avatar
    hace 3 años

    Cant't wait for more tracks from you :)