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Reach the Stars Jamendo Music track cover
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    • 4 years ago

      We reformatted our systems and websites, and we still have a video we formatted for you,"we noted you placed," we own the copyright of this music (c) all rights reserved-Music by Jekk "Five o'clock"....what about me and our team, we would love to share your world with Universal, and we are working on things, so that the artist of Jamendo, their song may be used in the up come movie trailers. We would also love to bring your world into Toptentogo's Video Tube; sin. Henry Massingale

    • 5 years ago

      I have been creating videos for just 30 days or so, but I took my time with this one and it came out great, i hope you all like it. "Reach the Stars- by JEK [K] Album".-by Henry Massingale....I took my time with this one and I hope you all like it... You all are a inspiring 21st. Century Music Artist. Let me know when you are ready to create more songs... Glad to help...