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Love Will Come Back Again Jamendo Music track cover
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    • vor 3 Jahren


    • vor 4 Jahren

      You can be a mainstream singer

    • vor 4 Jahren

      Great beat, good rythm, nice melody, good voice =) Very Professional ^^

    • vor 4 Jahren

      Check out my new album

    • vor 5 Jahren

      I really liked the upbeat composition of the song. It has a great energy to it. But all of that was ruined by the fact that the pitch correction on Chaz's voice was so heavy, so blatant, that it sounds like he was being shook while singing. I understand that some artists use pitch correction because they like how other, more famous artists sound with it (OwlCity for example) but it's a tool and a tool used incorrectly can only hurt, not help. I would love to hear a version of this without all the pitch correction. Even if it's not an artistic choice and he's just not naturally on-key, that's something that should be fixed with practice, not effects.