Ghost Jamendo Music track cover
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      Hello :) could I use your song for a OndaSkim video (and monetize it), crediting you in the description ? Here is the link to my channel:

    • 코지 (CoZy) avatar

      Hey, This song is not free? There is no mark ($) But, A report on YouTube!

    • Sky Gitrix avatar

      There is no "no commercial" mark. This song is free.

  • Mark Munsell avatar

    It takes a mere second or two for the power of Madelyniris' voice to take hold on her gripping track "Ghost". Initially propelled by a graceful piano lead and gentle heartbeat-like kick drum, the angelic quality of her voice can't be missed -- both in the fragile beginnings, and the more vibrant percussive-accompanied sections that follow. The subtle additions of the electric guitar from 01:45 onward is a nice production choice to expand the track's structure; it truly lifts off upon the dual vocal layering after the two-minute mark. The halted minimalist section - "when did the fire leave my bones / when did the fire leave your eyes?" - immediately following by the string-laden burst of effervescence is my favorite moment of the track; it's a gorgeous transition that perfectly blends Madelyniris' powerful vocals with the stirring backing arrangement. Fantastic work. -- Mike Mineo