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Merry Christmas, Mr Moffatt (2014)

Michael Ellis

From the album: The Complexity Of Things
  • i think it was just about two years ago
    we had come to a place i guess parts of it we owe
    to a programme on the tele we had seen both her and me
    as we drove into the town down to the harbour by the sea

    high on the upper deck we sat as we enjoyed the light
    overlooking the whole bay all the boats were lying on their side
    next to me there was a painting on the wall i cast a glance
    looking pretty well familiar and enchanting both at once

    merry christmas mr moffatt
    thanks again for the stormy sky
    merry christmas, hope you'll have it
    maybe next year we'll come by

    then at home just before christmas i had one of these ideas
    when i was writing the email it seemed stupid and unclear
    well of course was the response and as a package it was sent
    i think she even cried and i was happy too cause i had made a friend

    now it's hanging on the wall filling the room with grey and blue
    i better start saving cause i want to have one too