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Madly, Deeply Jamendo Music track cover

Madly, Deeply (2015)

Melanie Ungar

From the album: What Is Love
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    • Abril Santillan avatar
      4 months ago

      I love

    • Abril Santillan avatar
      4 months ago

      I like much

    • Eicol avatar
      2 years ago

      A very beautifull song. The voice is good! Deeply shoked and madly i re-listen several times!! Okkkkey!

    • Igor Baranovsky avatar
      2 years ago

      Красивая песня, отличный припев понравился голос, молодец!

    • heliosmusic avatar
      3 years ago

      I loved this song. Great production, great writing. Really good execution on vocals, both lead and backing, tons of emotion, lots of potential here. Keep up the good work! best, Helios