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Wish You Were Here (2015)


Von dem Album: Wish You Were Here
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    • vor einem Monat

      It seems to be avaiable on amazon and so on. Is it possible to get something like "Collected Works" because is not handsome to load down every song as a single track (or two). This question is due to the fact that your music sounds great!

    • vor einem Monat


    • vor 6 Monaten

      j'aime bien

    • vor 7 Monaten

      Awesome production! Just wow!!

    • vor 9 Monaten

      This song is superb! If it weren't for Jamendo, I'd have never discovered it! Thank you Jamendo and THE.MADPIX.PROJECT! <3!

    • Thanks for your great and kind comment! Glad you like it... Daniel