JUMP! Jamendo Music track cover
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      Such very good songs.. I love very much. 10/10 will share a friend. Love it so! Thanks You very much Mr DOGO

    • natalie_goh.s15 avatar

      Yes I Agreeing Very Much...

  • DOGO SOUND avatar

    Hey there, thanks a lot for more than 60,000 plays and almost 10,000 downloads. This was one of my early projects and Im pretty happy about the fact that you like it. Keep it going :)

  • Qiqi Tawa avatar

    Hello, permission to share in my youtube channel QieQie Tawa.... Thanks

  • Laura Jamendo Support avatar

    Hey Qie :) You can use the track if your publish your videos under Creative Commons BY-SA and credit artist and track name. For more info contact support@jamendo.com Laura from the Jamendo Team

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    If you wanna just relax and let go of all your problems, fears, whatever and want something up beat to get you moving, this is it.